Complete ・ ONF

It’s out! Waaaaah! It’s everything. I’ll comment more later. I have to watch this on repeat!❤


Okay. Now I have time to write. It was a very busy day. Busy but totally awesome. I have been clicking millions of hearts on VLive for the past 3 days. I had to retweet here and there and share posts across social media platforms. It was crazy. It was my first time to be this involved in a fandom. I salute you K-Pop fans. You’re one determined and resourceful bunch.

Anyway, on to ONF’s comeback MV.

I fell in love with the MV at first sight. The cinematography was creative. The camera dances with the music. The color theme and background setting were beautiful. Everything was youthful and boyish, which fits the group’s image perfectly. They are everybody’s dongsaeng. Plus, the hook is so catchy that it plays in my head over and over. It’s upbeat too. I have been grooving to it since the first time I’ve heard it. The choreo was cute and trendy. And of course, the ONF boys did incredibly well. They have improved a lot since their debut. They are trying out new things now and are expressing their individuality better, which is attributable to their Mix Nine experience I guess. We can see Kim Minseok aka Laun dancing provocatively at the center now. Hah.

Congratulations ONF, WM, and Fuses! This was one awesome comeback!

Proud Fuse here.

P.S. I still miss Mix Nine though. I haven’t moved on yet and the what ifs still haunt me. I’m looking forward to seeing Song Hangyeom, Lee Rubin, Woo Jin Young and the YG boys too.