Treasure 13 X Melvin Timtim

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YG’s new boy group is called Treasure 13. Three of the members released a dance video with Melvin Timtim. While I like the fact that YG is trying to imbibe more authentic dancing into this group by inviting famous dancers to teach these boys, I’m not that impressed with this piece. Perhaps because YG tends to focus on the swag more than the actual dance that it looks a bit lazy.

J-Line members finally get to perform

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Mahiro and Yoshinori did a cover of iKON’s B-DAY (VLive). They make a really good duo. It’s unfortunate that Mahiro got eliminated. He was one of my favorites. He has a lot more to show. I thought his talent rivaled Byounggon. He is capable of being a rap vocal. He only got to perform once in the whole program but he undoubtedly rocked it. Well, at least he got his chance unlike Midam. YG Treasure Box editing is very biased. He wasn’t given much screen time.

I also watched Keita vs Haruto but I didn’t like the song they chose. I’ve always thought Keita had more flair even in their initial promotional videos. He is like the Choi Hyunsuk of J-Line.

YG Treasure Box participants open individual VLive channels

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YG Treasure Box voting scheme is stressing me out. They created individual Vlive channels for each of the 29 participants, and fans need to keep tapping hearts on their video. This means fans can only tap hearts for one participant at a time. This forces fans to pick a favorite to whom to dedicate their “hearts” (votes) to. Now that it has come down to this, I’m only going to support Byounggon, Hyunsuk and Mahiro. Worse comes to worst, if I had to choose only one, it’s going to be Byounggon.

Whatever. I don’t want to obsess about it. I’ll just wait for the performance videos.

In the meantime, I’ll unwind by watching U’s Fake Love Dance War focus cam video again.

YG Treasure Box Group J Teasers

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J-line attack! What a great surprise! If there were a dancer in this group, I would’ve found a new bias. They should’ve let them greet in Japanese at least. I’ve said this many times – I find the tone of a Japanese guy’s speaking voice attractive.

I found my main vocal in Mahiro and he has Nishikido Ryo’s eyes!

Yoshinori is a talented rapper but not enough to make me drop Byounggon or Hyunsuk. Keita has a nice vibe but I don’t know what position to place him in.

YG Treasure Box Group C Teasers

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Group C members were born from 2004-2005. They have better English foundation and lesser inhibitions. They performed generic stuff so I think they haven’t found their own style yet. This should serve as good exposure and learning experience for them. They feel too raw right now.

Kim Jongseob is the most promising in this group. He sounds a bit like Hyunsuk. He said he participated in Kpop Star. His experience shows compared to the other boys in this team but I still won’t put him on my list this time around.

I have a feeling that Group D will be a wildcard group. Maybe new recruits from other agencies? I don’t think YG will go younger than this for this show.

YG Treasure Box Group B Teasers

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Park Jihoon – He is the best dancer so far.

Kim Sungyeon – I like his vocal style best.

There are more visuals in this group like Jaehyuk and Yoonbin but I didn’t get moved enough by their talent. Also, rap spots on my list are already filled.