Surprise VLive! 😭


U [유] just did a solo VLive! 😭 I missed him so much! I’m so happy. 😭😭😭 He looks more comfortable doing the solo VLive now than previously.

ダメだ。やっぱり好きです。When he stares at the screen, I feel like he is looking directly at me. My heart starts to pound…seriously. I know it’s crazy. I’m trying to contain myself because I’m at work. Arggghhh, this crush is killing me! My heart feels like it’s going to burst. This solo VLive makes me feel like we are at a cafe chatting. Since he is the one doing most of the talking, it feels like he is carrying the conversation. 声も大好き! I love his voice too. It’s calm and cool. I know that I’ve said this many times and you might think I’m exaggerating but I’m not. I really don’t think I’ll survive seeing him in person. I don’t have the confidence and I like him too much. Bad combo, I know.🤦‍♀️

His tiny mole near his eye is cute.♡

He also played Day6’s song, “Congratulations”, which was really nice.🎶Day6 debuted back in 2015 but it’s my first time hearing them. The theme of the song isn’t bad either. It’s a breakup song that talks about a guy sarcastically congratulating his ex for moving on from him.

Anyway, thank you so much for the VLive today.

온앤오프 ONF Busking Diary

ONF Busking diary has been released. It was a sweet serenade under the night sky.🌙⭐💕 The boys seemed to have enjoyed it a lot too.😊 ありがとう。💕

The first episode focused on the vocal line. There was a short preview that the next episode will be time to highlight the dance line. I’m looking forward to it! What has been revealed so far is that Laun, J-US and U will do a girl group cover. I was squealing inside whenever I got a glimpse of U on screen. I really think I’ll get a heart attack if I go see him live. めっちゃ好きやねん!💕

It’s nice to see them perform their cover of Michael Jackson’s Man In The Mirror again. It’s great to hear them sing in English once in a while because it makes them feel nearer to international fans. It’s hard to articulate it in English but in Japanese they have this expression “気持ちを届け” kimochi wo todoke, which means ‘to convey one’s feelings’ or ‘to have one’s feelings reach another person’. I think it’s like that. Well, music is a language. Dance is a language too. This is why we can like foreign artists who don’t even speak our local language. However, when they do sing in a language you understand, their feelings reach you more easily, more directly.

It must be frustrating for them too to not be able to communicate with all of their fans more naturally especially their international fans because of the language barrier but I know they are working hard. They learned Japanese to debut in Japan. I’m sure they’ll try to learn some English too to be able to promote to a wider global audience in the future. We’ll just have to continue supporting them and cheering them on until they can eventually draw nearer to us.

U [유] FMV Compilation ♡

The recent On The Run Japan episode inspired me to create another compilation video of Yuto. I like seeing his practice videos because more than his talent, I appreciate the hard work and effort he puts into his performances.

U [유] Immortal Songs 2

ONF released photos from their participation in Immortal Songs 2. See what did I say? This cool side of U is way better than aegyo. Keep this up! Good work! U looks very handsome in this. ❤

I’m also happy that they posted a dance video of U practicing for the said TV program.  That whole segment from 00:03 – 00:22 was really intricate. His lines were so beautiful.

U’s practice videos are the best!

I thank God for U [유]

My heart ached a bit because I received some sad news but I praise the Lord for Psalm 37 and for U’s update today that cheered me up. His photos in his recent visit to Universal Studios Japan with his family was adorable. I’m glad that he enjoyed a short vacation. Hurrah for his little brother who worked hard to take most of the photos. Yuto looked really handsome in these photos since he wasn’t trying to act cute. He also looks taller. Good job, U’s little brother!

WM also released a Lights On video today with U as the MC. I think he will make a good commentator. He has a pleasant voice for narration and has a knack for explaining things. He is great eye candy too. I like his messy hairstyle here because it makes him look more manly. I also like it when he is seriously trying to explain something. I love his speaking voice best among the members — its tone, texture and cadence. This sounds and looks more natural for him. I hope he graduates the aegyo stage for good and decides to keep this cool aura instead.

What is with the martial arts guru pose though — his hands clasped at the back when leading the members to the interview corner? Hehe. It’s also funny how U can’t keep a straight face for long when interacting with Laun. He kept on smirking. It shows how comfortable he is with him since they are of the same age I guess.

This is great material for  another U compilation video.