I was watching BTS’ Dope MV earlier and I thought this MV holds a special place in my heart. It may not be the group’s finest work but it has a unique charm about it that makes it memorable. That prompted me to do this sort of throwback post of songs that got me started with K-pop. I was predominantly a J-pop fan before I ventured into K-pop.

We Belong Together by Big Bang was probably what got me started. The cool R&B beat and Bom’s vocals got me hooked. The story of the MV was sweet and GD’s character was cute too. Like I said, I’m into those cool dongsaeng types.

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Judge vs Judge and Meloholic

We’re back to the boring days.

While You Were Sleeping ended. So did Go Back Couple, The Package, Avengers Social Club. This week Mad Dog, Witch’s Court, Because This is My First Life, and 20th Century Boy and Girl will end. I’m left with a couple of new time killers:  Judge VS Judge and Meloholic now.

2017 is legal/court drama galore! We saw dramas about prosecutors, defense lawyers, and now judges. Dong Ha appears in Judge VS Judge as a mysterious prosecutor who is insinuated to be a rapist and murderer in the latest episode. Not sure how things will turn out but I’m hopeful that he’ll do better than Jang Mi Kwan did in Manhole.

Judge VS Judge

I think TVXQ’s management is trying to take advantage of the lack of male leads to revive the group’s old popularity prior to the members’ military service stint. TVXQ’s Yunho is the lead in Meloholic while his teammate Kim Kae-Joong was the lead in Manhole. In the said dramas, they took in rising stars, Jang Mi Kwan, the handsome villain from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and Dong Ha, the amnesiac villain from Suspicious Partners as second male leads slash villains. Not a bad formula. They need to give these actors better story lines and characters to make them shine.


I hope something noteworthy comes up soon.