My All-Time Favorite Stages from Show Me The Money (Seasons 3-6)

After watching High School Rapper, I was curious about the big wigs of Korean rap so I looked up Show Me The Money. I found seasons 3 to 6 with English subtitles online. The earlier seasons weren’t available.

The talent and music were great as expected across seasons. I got schooled on hip-hop and rap terminologies and styles. I got acquainted with the Korean top producers, the labels, and the up and coming artists. It was awesome. I didn’t mind the twists and some controversial choices the show producers made. I’m just grateful this kind of show is on TV to train and promote great MCs and rappers. There were many awesome songs released through this show as well.

Here are my picks for each season. Apparently, Zico, YG and Illionaire suit my taste.

Season 3

  • Raise the Guard and Bounce | Performed by Bobby

Season 4

  • Turtle Ship | Performed by Team Zico x Paloalto (Song Minho, AndUp, and Ja Mezz) featuring Paloalto

  • Fear | Performed by Song Minho featuring Taeyang

  • Okey Dokey | Performed by Song Minho and Zico

  • Better Days | Performed by Basick featuring Gummy

Season 5

  • Air DoTheQ | Performed by Team Dok2 & The Quiett (Kim Hyo Eun, Superbee, myunDo, and Flowsik)

  • $insa | Performed by Team Zion T. and Kush (CJamm, Reddy, Killagramz and Xitsuh) featuring Zion. T

  • Comfortable | Performed by ONE, Simon D and Gray

Season 6

  • 1-on-1 battle between Woo Wonjae and Ignito

  • 1/N | Performed by Team Dynamic Duo (Hanhae, Rhino, Nucksal, and Jo Woochan)

  • Again | Performed by Woo Wonjae featuring Tiger JK, Bizzy, and MRSHLL

  • Red Sun | Performed by Hangzoo featuring Swings

  • We Are | Performed by Woo Wonjae, Loco and Gray