Halley by 7 O’ Clock

Song Hangyeom’s group (7 O’ Clock) released this today. Does this mean they’re going to have a comeback soon? Idk. And where is Vaan by the way? He has been MIA since after Mix Nine.

I like Song Hangyeom’s dancing when he dances strong but this feels underwhelming. I’m sorry but this video looks like a high school group project to me. Staro Entertainment, please allot more budget for 7oC.  😦

Mix Nine Top 9

Kyaa! My babies! 😥💕 Thank you so much to the person who put this together. Mix Nine is the reason for all my Kpop biases. YG cancelled their debut that’s why fans like me are super hung up on this.

답이없어(No Answer) by 송한겸 (Song Hangyeom)

송한겸 (Song Hangyeom) a.k.a. A-Day released a new song today entitled 답이없어(No Answer). I’m ecstatic. I missed him so much! It’s been a while since Mix Nine. He is my ultimate Mix Nine bias. I can’t wait for his choreography on this. His rap skills and singing skills are great. His visual is no joke. But it is his dancing that takes my breath away.

This is the day the Lord has made!

Let us rejoice and be glad! ❤ What a great start of my day!

ONF’s Mizuguchi Yuto aka U finally did a solo VLive today. I have been waiting for this. 😆


Also, my ultimate Mix Nine bias, Song Hangyeom released another dance video.🎶🎧

I’m in cloud nine. 🌈