Woo Jinyoung x Kim Hyunsoo Updates

I was wondering what happened to them after a handful of performances on music shows. I was honestly waiting for more stages. I thought their song was cute although it didn’t fly too well with Koreans. Cutesy stuff would probably do better in the Japan market. The lawsuit didn’t help either because they were strongly associated with the depressing news of the debut cancellation. It probably also hurt that YG was at the other end of that lawsuit. I’m glad to finally see some updates about them. I hope their song would start to pick up.


I received news from @MIXNINEProjects that the fan-made album we supported has been sent out to the boys today. I’m excited! I hope this encourages the boys somehow especially those who haven’t officially debuted yet or who aren’t promoting currently. Thank you to all my fellow fans who helped make this possible!

Mix Nine Top 9

Kyaa! My babies! 😥💕 Thank you so much to the person who put this together. Mix Nine is the reason for all my Kpop biases. YG cancelled their debut that’s why fans like me are super hung up on this.