1Team releases candy, I mean 습관적 VIBE

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I just got home. Okay, let’s start with the easiest. Here’s 1Team’s debut song, Vibe. It’s a “cute hop” like how The Quiett described Changmo’s Saim Saim. Everything is like candy. The color scheme, their sound, even their visuals is like candy. Rubin’s visual is no joke. I hope he keeps the prince concept. He can change it to a ‘sweet prince’ image instead of the usual arrogant prick. I mean, I liked his soft photos with animals and nature. Anyway, like I mentioned in the teaser, BC is the one who carries the hip hop aspect through so his talent stands out the most to me.

습관적 VIBE – 1TEAM(원팀) Teasers

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Liveworks dropped the first teaser for 1Team’s debut single, 습관적 VIBE. It sounds trendy. BC is known as a skilled idol rapper from Boys 24 and Mix Nine. I think his presence greatly influenced the style this group is going for. I can’t wait to hear the full track. The colors and the visuals are looking good too.

Here’s teaser 2.