So You Think You Can Dance Season 14 Finale

A signature Mia Michaels group routine! Kyaaaah! I was squealing and fangirling the whole time.  I just can’t get enough of it.

Tonight’s show was fabulous fabulous fabulous! Besides celebrating the best numbers of the season, there were three new pieces from our favorite choreographers. It was the perfect culmination to a truly fantastic season. Mandy Moore’s piece celebrated it wonderfully. I love their costumes here.

And then there’s Lex Ishimoto and Travis Wall’s number. Aaaaaaaaaah! It’s so hard to be sane after watching it.

The Top 10 were fantastic. The All-Stars were fantastic. The judges, the production crew, the producers – I only have love for all of them tonight! お疲れ様でした!

Lex Ishimoto’s win is well-deserved. He was an early favorite and he managed to sustain the audience’s interest across the weeks.

What a glorious day today is! It feels as if all is right in the world.

P.S. I hope Koine and Marko will start dating in real life. I hope Logan gets a big break as well.


I just felt like writing again. It’s been a while. Alas! This is my fourth blog revival effort. I kind of miss LiveJournal though, its disjointed theme, and those cat mood emoticons. I also liked the feature where I can indicate the music I’m listening to at the moment. It was like L.J. understood how every day of my life has a sort of theme song.

Growing Pains (Song)

I’m currently addicted to Growing Pains by Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk. I only got to know their names through this song. I’m not really a Super Junior fan. I first heard this song as a background music of an anime poll video from YouTube. I got hooked on the melody and the general feel so I looked it up. I don’t care so much about what the song means, although I can understand Japanese if I intently listen to it. I just like how it sounds. The PV isn’t bad either. The dancing was meh but I especially liked how the ‘blonde’ male character keeps shoulder bumping the other male characters like he has some beef with them. No idea what though but the scene looked cool.  ;P

So You Think You Can Dance Season 14 Academy Week 1

Lex Ishimoto is an early favorite but I’m still waiting for the competition to unfold to check out the others before I pick out my official ‘bet’ this season.

I’m ecstatic that some of my favorite all-stars are back: Paul Karmiryan and Robert Roldan! Mary Murphy is back as well. It just wasn’t the same without her.  I’m sure this is going to be another awesome season!

Sean Lew and Sori Na

Added these two to my endless list of dance heroes.

Sean Lew — The kid is crazy talented. I can see the music in his dancing.

Sori Na — I ❤ her style, her choreography, her dancing. This is how I want to dance. It isn’t racy or anything like that. She’s feminine yet she has that cool swag. She makes me want to dance again. Once I set up my mini-studio at home, her videos will be the first I’ll re-watch and try to learn.