Memorable SMTM 777 Studio MVs

  • Saim Saim by Team The Quiett and Changmo

This collaboration worked well because they all have the same energy. Changmo did a good job on the track. I also liked Maestro, the song he performed during the producers showcase. Maybe I should check out his other works.

Coogie’s segment is easily the killer part.

  • Good Day by Team PaloKunst

I love Team PaloKunst! This song is dope. They are all brilliant artists. Everyone of them.

  • Save by Loopy ft. Paloalto

  • XXL by Kim Hyoeun ft. Deepflow, Dok2

After School Rapper 2

Lee Byoungjae aka Vinxen released 3 music videos recently under Romantic Factory. Sinking Down With You  was his audition track for  School Rapper 2. How Do You Feel  (그대들은 어떤 기분이신가요) was his song for the ranking stage. Dark Adaptation (암순응) is a collaboration featuring Ovan and Haon. All I can say is that he brings the angst and the feels every time. His rap is raw and heavily stylized. His signature is to mumble his rap all throughout. While I’m not a fan of this style, I think that he is a true poet. I am drawn to his honesty. Behind all the darkness around him, I feel that he is very innocent and pure.

On the other hand, Oh Dam Ryul aka Chin Chilla signed with Million Market, while Kim Haon signed with his mentors’ home label, H1gher Music.