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I saw Itzy’s debut single, Dalla Dalla. I have a soft spot for Ryujin since she appeared in Mix Nine but I’m not a fan of their style and music. I guess I’ll wait for their music and style to mature a little bit more.

My Pace by Stray Kids

These JYP babies released a new MV two days ago. What I appreciate about them is their choice of themes for their songs. Although their rock sound carries angst and vigor as they talk about common issues teens deal with such as insecurities, depression and fear of the future, their lyrics are usually conversational like talking to their listeners and encouraging them. To me, they are like telling their young listeners that  “Hey! You are not alone in your struggles. We understand you. We can get through this.” Or it’s probably just me who thinks that.

Stray Kids is good group. They have great music sense. They write well. They dance well.  And they feel genuine.

P.S. Minho, why am I getting JB (Got7) vibes from you?

Rock (돌) by Stray Kids

Minho was everything in this video. It’s great seeing my bias at the forefront for once. I like how bouncy this sounds. The kids look like they were genuinely having fun, which is nice to watch.

Stray Kids leans towards heavier sounds judging from their last few tracks. They have more of a rock vibe to them, which is quite different from their predecessors, Got7 and 2PM. It could be because their leader and main producer was raised in Australia. Such cool kids.