Some Memorable Stages from Korean Idol Survival Shows

Apart from my favorite Stray Kids and Mix Nine stages, here my picks for stages in other Korean idol survival shows.

Boys 24 – Unit Red | Starlight

Boys 24 – Unit Sky | Bop

Boys24 – Unit Yellow | Her by Block B

Boys24 – Unit Purple | Gone Not Around Any Longer by Sistar19

Boys24 | Rising Star

The Unit | My Turn

The Unit – UNI+B Unit Orange | Monster by EXO

The Unit – UNI+B Unit Orange | Butterfly

The Unit – UNI+B Black | Stay + Chained Up

U.N.B. – Raise Me Up

My Favorite Mix Nine Stages

While there is no worthwhile drama, I’m thankful to have found this gem. I’ll fill out this post as the show goes along.


Just Dance |  Produced by Teddy | Performed by Mix Nine contestants

Episode 5

Born Hater by EPIK HIGH | Rap | Performed by Seven Stars

Episode 6

Love in the Ice by TVXQ | Vocals | Cover by HighQualityst

My House by 2PM | Dance | Cover by Mazinger

Episode 9

Bang Bang Bang by Big Bang | Performed by King Wang Jjang

Paradise Lost by GAIN | Performed by Apricot Flavor

Hug by TVXQ | Performed by Hug$

Episode 11

Hush | Produced by Kamen Rider and Jung Il-hoon | Performed by My9 Me

Episode 12

Stand by Me by MC Mong et al | Performed by 9reat!


Omona | Produced by Joe Rhee, 24 | Performed by Universe (Mix Nine Girls)

Come To Play | Produced by Robin, Millennium, Kim Kyung, BigTone | Performed by Our Home (Mix Nine Girls)