I was watching BTS’ Dope MV earlier and I thought this MV holds a special place in my heart. It may not be the group’s finest work but it has a unique charm about it that makes it memorable. That prompted me to do this sort of throwback post of songs that got me started with K-pop. I was predominantly a J-pop fan before I ventured into K-pop.

We Belong Together by Big Bang was probably what got me started. The cool R&B beat and Bom’s vocals got me hooked. The story of the MV was sweet and GD’s character was cute too. Like I said, I’m into those cool dongsaeng types.

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THE New Era by Got7

*Sighs* I expected too much from the teaser. This song is not my cup of tea. And I saw wrong. 😢 JB’s hair is still ugly here.  Please move on from this mullet phase soon.

Got7 – The New Era

I’m patiently waiting for the official MV. Jackson Wang is busy with his China activities so he won’t be joining the group in their Japan promotion. All is good. JB got his old hairstyle back.