U[유] New Era. New Look.

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This is Yuto’s new look in preparation for the release of their 3rd mini-album “We Must Love”. Their new hairdos remind me of 90’s American boybands especially U, Wyatt and Hyojin. Yuto’s styling is like a cross between Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake (NSync era). It’s more chic compared to his previous do.

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U [유] Timing @ Music Bank

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I’ll see you soon!

I learned that Dec 24 is also E-Tion’s birthday. Considering time constraints, I think ONF will have about 6-10 mins to perform. They will have to spend about 10 mins for E-Tion’s birthday celebration. Another 10-15 for greetings, introduction, and some talkies, then the actual countdown. There will also be the signing event. I’m not sure what fan interaction will take place but since it’s Christmas, I’m guessing a short fan wish granting segment maybe?

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A GIF from ONF’s On The Run Japan episode 8 💘

I know I must be crazy. 🤦 I kept playing this short clip on a huge screen in my room while playing my whole playlist in the background. 🤦🤦🤦 If I were the one who called him and he turned to me with this expression, my heart would probably stop for a few seconds before I could compose myself. This heart with an arrow is literally the perfect emoji for this! 💘

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U [유] did a relatively long segment in Japanese! ☺️ I love his speaking voice in Japanese. 💘Although he is Japanese, he rarely speaks his native tongue on broadcast. He still uses Korean even in previous On The Run Japan episodes. I don’t know maybe he is trying not to alienate their Korean fans? Anyway, this footage is actually rare.💎 I will keep this in my heart.❤️ Thank you so much for this episode!☺️