Fuse Selca Day

For the first time, I joined the fan selca (selfie) day wherein fans take a selfie similar to that of their favorite member. 📸 Of course, I chose U [유]. ❤️ #FuseSelcaDay

This is U and Me. 😊


U [유] FMV #002

I honestly think I’m somehow improving after making each compilation video. I should probably stop counting how many I make.

Creating these things makes it easy for me to see my favorite clips in one place. I can then just loop this. ♡


I don’t own any clip or music in this.
Everything is owned by the respective artists and agencies.

– Credits –
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축제 (Your Day) MV by ONF [온앤오프] Let’s Eat 3 OST

What an awesome track! Their voices are literally flying! It’s a ray of sunshine.☀ This will be on repeat for months. This is 축제 Festival (Your Day)  by ONF [온앤오프].

Rise ONF 온앤오프! Fighting! I’m soooo proud of them! They did so well.


I translated the lyrics based from @yuika 0125’s Japanese translation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybHge8k9JAo since I don’t know Korean.

Hope this helps my fellow Fuses. Much love! ❤ ONF Fighting!

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