Silver 16 wins Dance War!

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Congratulations Samuel! Good job, Rocky and the other participants! I really enjoyed this web series. Thank you 1theK! I hope all 8 dancers can work on a dance CF together.  I’m still hoping we get to see the performances in the earlier rounds without the masks on. Also, I want a Green 10 x Silver 16 collab please.


THIS!!! 💓 This is sooo beautiful! Please release something like this for the other rounds too. Please! 🙏 Please! 🙏 Please!🙏 I will cry if I can see Yuto dancing Fake Love unmasked.

SYTYCD 15 Finale 🎊

I absolutely love this show! I had a blast watching the finale. Congratulations Hannahlei for winning Season 15! 🎊  It was well-deserved. 👏  I love the twists they threw in the group routines. It was truly a joyous celebration of dance and another wonderful season. Mandy Moore’s Top 10 routine articulated that joy perfectly. It was like watching the finale of a musical.  It made me feel very happy. 😊

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My Favorite Stages in School Rapper Season 2

Kim HaOn is an obvious favorite. Every stage he did was lit. I’m also rooting for H2adin, the freestyle monster, although he has yet to show a captivating and memorable stage this season. I noticed that I’m drawn to the beats from Rhythm Power stages more than GroovyRoom. They are more danceable. With how things are going, the finalists will most likely be Kim HaOn (GroovyRoom), Bully (Deepflow), H2adin (San E & Cheetah), and Webster B (Rhythm Power). I can’t say who wins though but HaOn and Webster B will probably get signed eventually.

Post Finale Edit 4/14/2018:

Kim HaOn deserved to win. He dominated week after week. This was a fantastic season! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Less controversies, more good music. Clloud really stepped it up in the finale. His stage was unexpectedly sexy. And that Lee Byungjae X Woo Wonjae X GroovyRoom collab was the perfect finale stage for Byungjae.

I’m excited for the future careers of these budding artists.

Kim HaOn’s Cypher

Chilla’s Ranking Stage

Kim HaOn’s Ranking Stage

“Buk” by Chilla and Webster B

“Like It” by Clloud and Webster B

“Young Waves” by Chilla, Boi B, Hangzoo

“Barcode” by Kim HaOn and Byungjae | Produced by GroovyRoom

“Adios” by Kim HaOn | Produced by BoyCold

“Blame” by Lee Byungjae | Produced by BoyCold

“Alone” by Bully Da Ba$tard

“Not at all” by Lee Byungjae feat. Woo Wonjae

“Yaho” by Clloud feat. Geegooin

“Mi Color” by Top 5 | Produced by Dok2

Mix Nine Final 9

I’m quite satisfied with the final 9 from Mix Nine. Although two of my personal picks didn’t make it, I think prince Rubin and resident maknae Minseok are assets to the group. They now have a total of 3 rappers, 3 vocals and 3 dancers. All are visuals and adaptable to any type of performance, may it be swag, aegyo, funky or sexy. The personality mix also seems interesting. With a self-entitled prince, a baby, the stable trinity, a brat with swag, a cat with a jitterbug, and a couple of shy, quiet rappers, there will be no dull moment. Everyday will be a social media feast.

On a special note, Jinyoung and Byeonggon have this subtle, natural swag. I thank YG for bringing that out and producing music that really fits these two. I can’t think of any other agency that can do that.

With that said, I’m super excited for their official debut in April!

So You Think You Can Dance Season 14 Finale

A signature Mia Michaels group routine! Kyaaaah! I was squealing and fangirling the whole time.  I just can’t get enough of it.

Tonight’s show was fabulous fabulous fabulous! Besides celebrating the best numbers of the season, there were three new pieces from our favorite choreographers. It was the perfect culmination to a truly fantastic season. Mandy Moore’s piece celebrated it wonderfully. I love their costumes here.

And then there’s Lex Ishimoto and Travis Wall’s number. Aaaaaaaaaah! It’s so hard to be sane after watching it.

The Top 10 were fantastic. The All-Stars were fantastic. The judges, the production crew, the producers – I only have love for all of them tonight! お疲れ様でした!

Lex Ishimoto’s win is well-deserved. He was an early favorite and he managed to sustain the audience’s interest across the weeks.

What a glorious day today is! It feels as if all is right in the world.

P.S. I hope Koine and Marko will start dating in real life. I hope Logan gets a big break as well.