So You Think You Can Dance Season 14 Finale

A signature Mia Michaels group routine! Kyaaaah! I was squealing and fangirling the whole time.  I just can’t get enough of it.

Tonight’s show was fabulous fabulous fabulous! Besides celebrating the best numbers of the season, there were three new pieces from our favorite choreographers. It was the perfect culmination to a truly fantastic season. Mandy Moore’s piece celebrated it wonderfully. I love their costumes here.

And then there’s Lex Ishimoto and Travis Wall’s number. Aaaaaaaaaah! It’s so hard to be sane after watching it.

The Top 10 were fantastic. The All-Stars were fantastic. The judges, the production crew, the producers – I only have love for all of them tonight! お疲れ様でした!

Lex Ishimoto’s win is well-deserved. He was an early favorite and he managed to sustain the audience’s interest across the weeks.

What a glorious day today is! It feels as if all is right in the world.

P.S. I hope Koine and Marko will start dating in real life. I hope Logan gets a big break as well.

So You Think You Can Dance Season 14 Week 7

The show felt heavy this week. The dancers looked really tired. Well, they danced 7 routines each so it’s understandable. Excluding the reruns, the only dance that really stood out to me was Christopher Scott and Travis Wall’s Elements. It was cool. The dancers looked like mythical gods. I thought they got the element assignment right. Kiki’s costume and make-up could have been better though.

NappyTabs opened the show with a fun, groovy number.  The panel work was probably inspired by Kinjaz. They also put in their own spin on the Upeepz’ iconic ‘sit down’ stunt. This goes to show NappyTabs have been around feeding off inspiration and energy from everywhere. Paul, Marko and Allison shined in this routine. Lex and Kiki got the swag going on as well.

I’m happy that the legendary Mia Michaels has returned. She is a master in bringing out the dancers’ raw emotions and her choreography never fails to make the audience feel something. Tonight’s piece showcased the love between Taylor and Lex. It was sweet. There were a lot of smooches but hey they’re in love I don’t blame them. Lex could buff up a bit. The exhaustion probably got to him. I saw him struggling a bit to lift her up.

Anyway, seeing how the Top 4 performed today given the immense pressure, and taking into consideration their journey the whole season, I’m now rooting for Koine to win. Lex might be the most innovative and versatile coming into the show, but I felt more passion from Koine. She delivered more memorable routines.

I’m stoked to find out who wins next week. Not to mention, we get to see Logan and the other Top 10 dancers back again.