Dance War Round 1

Voted for Fake Love since they have better teamwork and choreography.  Fake Love’s Green 10 and Fire’s Yellow 22 are the best dancers.

I think Green 10 is ONF’s U. His moves are clean like U’s. His flicks, his stance, how he tucks his shirt when dancing is like U’s too. I’m happy to see him dancing to a different style of music. I love ONF but I don’t think U’s dance skills has been showcased enough because of the group’s image. There are some nuances in the choreography too that reminds me of him. I could be wrong but I’m kind of positive about this.

Musings on BTS

I’m not really a big fan of BTS because they are too alpha for my taste but I acknowledge that they are insanely talented rappers and dancers. Unlike in other idol groups wherein one or two members stand out, I think BTS members are equally talented, equally good-looking and equally highlighted.

To me, Blood, Sweat & Tears was their turning point and finest work. It was literally a work of art — genius concept, aesthetically beautiful, wonderful melody.

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