A.C.E dancing at the parking lot

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Ooh. I enjoyed that. A.C.E can dance anywhere, be recorded by a normal person and still look so cool. 🤩 Of course, this was shot by a professional. I’m just saying. This group must be so good live. I can feel their power and energy even in this one take shoot. You can tell that they are good dancers even without too much help from the editing and camera work.

Take Me Higher ・ A.C.E

Here is the new MV of A.C.E, the other half of the Mix Nine comeback artists. It’s an addicting bop. Great stuff. Hot pants, crop tops, sleeveless Byeongkwan. I think they must be gay magnets. They ship their members a lot too. Lol. But their music and image is a wholesome kind of sexy, which is fresh. I feel like they all grew up a lot since I last saw them. This carries a playful and mature vibe. I’m digging the quirky characters in the MV. I love Donghun, Byeongkwan and Sehyoon, the three members who were part of Mix Nine. Jun joined The Unit — He’s okay. Well, they’re all extremely talented anyway.

I thought Byeongkwan was really cool in this part.

I can’t wait to see A.C.E interact with ONF in music shows. I’m a Mix Nine stan through and through.