Throwback Jay Park Songs

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Our dance coach asked us to submit a song we want to dance to. I chose Yacht by Jay Park. I’m probably the only one who submitted a K-pop song. That led me to look back at some of my favorite Jay Park songs. People at AOMG are geniuses in creating a cool vibe.

It’s only now that I realized that the girl featured in Solo is Kim Jang-mi from Heart Signal 2! So she’s acquainted with Jay Park. Well, it’s not surprising since they’re both Korean-American and her line of work is fashion-related.

GO, Rap! by Haon for HSR 3

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Kim Haon, winner of School Rapper 2, released a teaser MV for Season 3! Someone translated some bit in the comments section. It wrote, “To all the self titled geniuses, sometimes you need to show them what you got. If you don’t show it, everything will go to waste, you’ll regret it someday.” I hope MNet will add in English subtitles soon.