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My copy of Woo Jin Young and Kim Hyunsoo’s special album entitled Present arrived today! I like the overall feel of their photobook especially the photos taken in the bookstore. 📚 I don’t know how to accurately describe them but I’m getting this slight grunge feel. It looks artistic without overtly being artsy.

What a nice present indeed!🎁

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My Seven O’Clock 2nd mini album, #7, arrived today. It’s so pretty!🌹 I’m starting to like this shade of blue.😊 They sent it via FedEx and I received it in a day. It was my first time to order from Synnara. It was more expensive than what I’m used to when I order from CDJapan but it’s okay, I’ll charge it to experience.


You can listen to their album tracks here. If you want to read what I thought of their new MVs, you can check out my blog post here.