Mix Nine Top 9

Kyaa! My babies! 😥💕 Thank you so much to the person who put this together. Mix Nine is the reason for all my Kpop biases. YG cancelled their debut that’s why fans like me are super hung up on this.

June 7 is D-Day!

Both A.C.E and ONF will make a comeback on June 7, 2018! 2 members from each of these teams were part of Mix Nine’s Top 9. Also, Woo Jinyoung is releasing a photobook and mini-album with Hyunsoo on the 12th of June. Mix Nine fans rejoice! 🎉 This means we’ll be seeing more than half of our boys more often. Moreover, they will probably see each other in weekly music ranking shows. We might even get some Mix Nine reunion photos soon. I’m ecstatic!

ONF (WM Entertainment) | 📷 Google Search Result

A.C.E (Beat Interactive) | 📷 Google Search Result

HNB (Happy Face Entertainment) | 📷 Twitter: @H_NextBoys

I’m patiently waiting for news about the other half of the Top 9. Come on YG, Staro, and Liveworks. Don’t keep us waiting.

Mix Nine ‘Just Dance’ Evaluation Videos Released


‘Just Dance’ evaluation videos got leaked tonight! 💕 They’re teasing us stans. 😢 I miss the Top 9. Their debut has long been delayed. It could also be because the different groups are busy with individual schedules that they haven’t gotten together again yet. Please don’t make us wait too long. Calling out YG!😮

Edit 5/30/2018:
YG has blocked the content from Youtube but I found copies here.