A.C.E releases 어쩌면(Maybe) MV

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What is happening?! I’m collecting hearts today. 💕 A.C.E released a rainy MV!☔ Here is 어쩌면(Maybe) from 내사랑 치유기 (My Healing Love) OST.

Byeongkwan with an umbrella is cute. I want to see U in a rainy photoshoot too with a clear umbrella. ☺


A.C.E Dance Cover Medley

A.C.E is such a sexy group. They sport an 大人 vibe that isn’t off and makes you cringe.  I love groups whose members can really dance. I mean, all of them were excellent in this video. The blinking lights were kind of annoying, although it highlights their silhouettes nicely leaving the audience wanting more.

The Make it Nasty section was the best for me. I remember they used this piece to audition for Mix Nine.

A.C.E in Yukatas ♡

This totally caught me off guard. I was on my way home last night when I read a post on Twitter that A.C.E is in Japan! My heart wasn’t prepared for this. Then they did a couple of VLives in yukatas. I was so overwhelmed I almost cried. ♡♡ In the words of a fellow fan, “I feel so attacked”. Lol. They all looked extra cool. ♡ The yukata suited them very well. But I must say Donghun surprised me the most. I think Japan is his spirit country.

I hope ONF goes to an onsen too and shoot in yukatas when they promote their album in Japan in August. U in a yukata?! *squeals*