[1theK Dance Cover Contest] ONF(온앤오프) _ We Must Love(사랑하게 될 거야)(Yuto’s part)

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Here’s my dance cover of U’s part in We Must Love (사랑하게 될 거야). It’s my first time doing a dance cover video.😅 I exhausted all the pan and zoom effects in the video editor to compensate for the fact that I was only using my computer camera.😅 I think it turned out okay.

Looking back, I wish I could practice more to polish the messy bits and work on being sharper. My ballet roots are blatantly showing. I want to work on improving my energy too. It might be too soft and graceful for the vibe of this song.😅 Am I being too self-critical? I can only work harder next time. I should probably learn to celebrate little successes. I did my best with whatever I have at the moment.

Dance War Round 2 (Unmasked) & ISAC 2018 Behind The Scenes

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Waaaaah! 😭 The world is feeding me well today. 1theK released the unmasked version of Round 2!

And I get to see another U focus cam…!

Not to mention WM also released the behind the scenes video of ISAC Chuseok Special 2018!  Hyojin looks 10x cooler when he is playing sports. I bet he is the type girls usually crush on in school. 😉 As for me, I live for U’s dance flair. (10:02, 15:52)💓 I would’ve cheered loudly with the other Fuses too if I were there.🙌🙌🙌 Someday I hope to meet ONF too!


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U!!! Waaah! 😭 Thank you so much 1theK! This is the best ever!!! 💗💗💗

I like the description 1theK wrote about U to introduce this video:

“Unlike his cute face, when he dances, he becomes a real man! The powerful energy overwhelming the stage and the groovy silhouette of dance moves! With an unexpected appeal, the main dancer of ONF, GREEN 10 (U)!”

His charm really comes out when he dances.

Dance War Spin Off: Round 1 Fancam

Dance War is postponed for a week. With Green 10 and Red 28 gone, the remaining contestants really need to up their game to convince us fans that they are indeed the best final 4. Also, I’m sure 1theK is preparing special treats for us! ❤️

Dance War Round 1

Voted for Fake Love since they have better teamwork and choreography.  Fake Love’s Green 10 and Fire’s Yellow 22 are the best dancers.

I think Green 10 is ONF’s U. His moves are clean like U’s. His flicks, his stance, how he tucks his shirt when dancing is like U’s too. I’m happy to see him dancing to a different style of music. I love ONF but I don’t think U’s dance skills has been showcased enough because of the group’s image. There are some nuances in the choreography too that reminds me of him. I could be wrong but I’m kind of positive about this.

Dance War

1theK will launch a dance battle survival web series called Dance War on Oct 2. I have a gut feeling that ONF’s U will participate that’s why he has been too busy to update on Twitter recently.  He is probably preparing for it. I really hope he participates because he can seriously win this. It is evident that his dance foundations are really strong. His sense of rhythm is top-notch. His freestyle is creative. When it comes to solid dancing, he pretty much has this in the bag. Other boy group dancers might try to appeal to the audience through provocative hip motions, body waves and anything sexy. Who can blame them? It’s common and popular. Others may add in b-boy stunts and acrobatics because it looks impressive. While U banks on hitting the beats hard, flowing his movement smoothly with the music, and wowing with his rich dance vocabulary which fully satisfies dance geeks like me, I hope that he can think of the general public more by incorporating highlights and carefully adding in exactly those segments I’ve mentioned above since it’s a competition where people have to vote. He has to learn to appeal to the audience more.

Well, it’s not official yet. We’ll have to wait and see if he’ll actually participate.😋

He deserves to win this and gain more recognition for his amazing talent. I’m always rooting for U! 😉