U[유] and J-Us dance to ‘Desire’ by Years & Years (Koharu Sugawara choreo)

I’m really sorry J-Us but I can’t take my eyes off U and his dancing.💘 I was trying to carefully choose my words when I commented on this video because I know they can both read the comments. I couldn’t say it out loud there but since this is my blog, I can say what I want here and the probability that they will read this is smaller.

That was sexy. So, this is what U’s version of sexy is like. I wasn’t sure if I loved the dancing more or seeing U’s hardworking side. Seeing that ending segment where U was covered in sweat after practicing made my heart flutter.💓

The song says it all, “Is it desire or is it love that I’m feeling for you?”🤦

Green 10 is U [유]!

My dream match up didn’t happen but I’m still happy I get to see Yuto’s cool solo. The result of the next round is obvious. Purple 23 + Silver 16 will win. I hope 1theK will make the participants dance the routines without the masks on after all the rounds are over.


Waaah!😭 They release this right when I want to shake off the crush. I mean, seriously?! This is such gorgeous dancing. I just can’t.😭 U…💗 His musicality and precision are superb. His moves are so clean.💘

I think 1theK wants to appease our broken hearts.

ONF Fansign

A fan who attended an ONF fansign uploaded a video detailing her brief conversation with U. I’ve never gone to a fan sign event so I don’t know what happens. This gave me a glimpse. It was a short and sweet casual encounter. But I therefore conclude that it’s impossible for me to go to this kind of event. 私には絶対無理。自信がない。I’m really bad with small talk. This level of isolation and proximity is too much for me as an initial meeting. 😨 I’m okay with concerts. Passing hi-touch with a group…maybe but this…no. My heart will explode.😣