The Great Seducer

I’m currently watching The Great Seducer (위대한 유혹자), where Woo Do Hwan got his first leading role in a drama. They gave him another angst-ridden, mature character. Well, he really fits the bill. However I noticed that although he oozes with sexiness, he doesn’t seem to have a natural chemistry with the ladies he is paired with both in here and in his previous drama, Mad Dog. Or it could be that I ship him and Seo Ye-ji in Save Me so much that I’m still not over them as a potential couple. Anyway, I’m more curious about how the relationship between the three childhood friends will develop more than the central love story in this drama. I prefer Si-Hyun to end up with the antagonist instead.

The plot itself isn’t new and it isn’t as gripping as I expect it to be, but at least the cast and the acting are worth watching. Most of the cast are up and coming talents so they bring a sense of freshness. That is enough reason to stay tuned.


Edit 3/22/2018:

This track on the OST makes my heart flutter.