Surprise VLive! 😭


U [유] just did a solo VLive! 😭 I missed him so much! I’m so happy. 😭😭😭 He looks more comfortable doing the solo VLive now than previously.

ダメだ。やっぱり好きです。When he stares at the screen, I feel like he is looking directly at me. My heart starts to pound…seriously. I know it’s crazy. I’m trying to contain myself because I’m at work. Arggghhh, this crush is killing me! My heart feels like it’s going to burst. This solo VLive makes me feel like we are at a cafe chatting. Since he is the one doing most of the talking, it feels like he is carrying the conversation. 声も大好き! I love his voice too. It’s calm and cool. I know that I’ve said this many times and you might think I’m exaggerating but I’m not. I really don’t think I’ll survive seeing him in person. I don’t have the confidence and I like him too much. Bad combo, I know.🤦‍♀️

His tiny mole near his eye is cute.♡

He also played Day6’s song, “Congratulations”, which was really nice.🎶Day6 debuted back in 2015 but it’s my first time hearing them. The theme of the song isn’t bad either. It’s a breakup song that talks about a guy sarcastically congratulating his ex for moving on from him.

Anyway, thank you so much for the VLive today.

U[유] Photo Studio

U takes lovely photos. His ONF hyungs usually let him take their photos. Remember the Momo X Behind The Scenes video? (See here) Perhaps he can pursue this professionally part-time. I don’t want him to leave ONF so just part-time, okay? I hope he can take pretty pictures of me too someday. He is totally bf material. Well, a girl can dream.


U [유]♡

Korean guys do this a lot. They partly take off their jacket to let some air in to their necks and backs. I don’t know why but it looks cool. It has a similar effect when cute guys take off their glasses. It’s a whole lot better since it’s U doing it.♡