Halley by 7 O’ Clock

Song Hangyeom’s group (7 O’ Clock) released this today. Does this mean they’re going to have a comeback soon? Idk. And where is Vaan by the way? He has been MIA since after Mix Nine.

I like Song Hangyeom’s dancing when he dances strong but this feels underwhelming. I’m sorry but this video looks like a high school group project to me. Staro Entertainment, please allot more budget for 7oC.  😦

답이없어(No Answer) by 송한겸 (Song Hangyeom)

송한겸 (Song Hangyeom) a.k.a. A-Day released a new song today entitled 답이없어(No Answer). I’m ecstatic. I missed him so much! It’s been a while since Mix Nine. He is my ultimate Mix Nine bias. I can’t wait for his choreography on this. His rap skills and singing skills are great. His visual is no joke. But it is his dancing that takes my breath away.