Police Uniform 👮

This video is old but I just saw this today. I now understand that it’s not Jungkook who I find attractive in particular. It’s the police SWAT team uniform.👮 It’s black and fitted. My brain probably associates it with safety, security, and authority. It highlights a guy’s arm and forearm. Everything about it makes it look cool and masculine.

It reminded me of Yuto’s costume in Bang Bang Bang. He was so handsome in this! 😍 I hope WM allows him to do a cool, manly concept like this again. It matches well with his powerful dancing.


Dear Yuto, I will try not to miss you so much. Whatever you are doing– may it be a dance solo,  group track, variety show, photo shoot, studying, whatever –I’ll wait for it. I know you are working hard. I’m believing God to give you good health, to keep you safe, and to bless you with lots of love and success. May these feelings reach you somehow someday. You don’t know me but I’m sincerely rooting for you.🙏


U [유] 💘

A GIF from ONF’s On The Run Japan episode 8 💘

I know I must be crazy. 🤦 I kept playing this short clip on a huge screen in my room while playing my whole playlist in the background. 🤦🤦🤦 If I were the one who called him and he turned to me with this expression, my heart would probably stop for a few seconds before I could compose myself. This heart with an arrow is literally the perfect emoji for this! 💘