So You Think You Can Dance Season 14 Week 6

The Top 4 has been revealed! One of my favorites went home. I think America voted for the people they thought were in danger so he had less votes last week. It’s not the end anyway. There are definitely good things ahead of him. He exited with a bang too. His final piece with Allison was exquisite. It was my favorite of the night.

The hanger piece performed by Marko and Koine was beautifully choreographed and beautifully danced. It once again showcased their great chemistry and brilliant acting.

I’m happy Christopher Scott choreographed the group number. He comes up with cool concepts and is excellent in choreographing large groups of dancers. I love his group routines. It’s always a whole package from the concept, the song choice, the production aspect, and of course the choreography.

With Logan gone, I think either Lex or Koine will win this season. Lex didn’t have memorable routines this week. Koine might have a slight advantage over him.


So You Think You Can Dance Season 14 Week 5

Technical. All the performances were technically brilliant tonight. The Top 8 slayed. Every single one of them delivered. Oh, and that Brian Friedman group jazz routine to Derniére Danse was just tasteful.

Lex showed us a more groovy and detail-oriented hip-hop in contrast to Mark’s funky and hard-hitting hip-hop style.

Kaylee and Cyrus surprised me with their contemporary routine. This was their best performance so far. Good thing the choreographer was able to incorporate animation into it creatively to let Cyrus be himself all throughout. The dim lights and the dark shade of the costumes also gave the effect of Cyrus being a sort-of shadow; thus, making Kaylee stand out more.

I want these three in the Top 3! My favorites, Lex and Logan, did wonderfully in this as expected. However, seeing Kaylee in this made me realize that she is the only girl who has the spunk and power to match up to these two powerhouses. I can’t imagine this routine with any of the other girl contestants.

On to less important details, Sean Cheeseman’s piece with the other 4 contestants looked complex. It required a lot of technique and partner work. The dancers did a good job but I guess I wanted it to be a little smoother. The music could’ve been better as well.

Anyway, based on tonight’s performances alone, Koine, Taylor and Kiki are in my bottom 3 but taking into account the whole season, Kaylee might take the spot of either Koine or Taylor. Personally, I feel that Koine is stronger and more versatile than Taylor. Her solos were consistently better. On the other hand, Taylor has a good vessel. She has beautiful long legs and torso. I think who moves on between them will boil down to the choreography they’ll get next week. Either way, Lex and Logan are way up there.

My All-Time Favorite Stages from Show Me The Money (Seasons 3-6)

After watching High School Rapper, I was curious about the big wigs of Korean rap so I looked up Show Me The Money. I found seasons 3 to 6 with English subtitles online. The earlier seasons weren’t available.

The talent and music were great as expected across seasons. I got schooled on hip-hop and rap terminologies and styles. I got acquainted with the Korean top producers, the labels, and the up and coming artists. It was awesome. I didn’t mind the twists and some controversial choices the show producers made. I’m just grateful this kind of show is on TV to train and promote great MCs and rappers. There were many awesome songs released through this show as well.

Here are my picks for each season. Apparently, Zico, YG and Illionaire suit my taste.

Season 3

  • Raise the Guard and Bounce | Performed by Bobby

Season 4

  • Turtle Ship | Performed by Team Zico x Paloalto (Song Minho, AndUp, and Ja Mezz) featuring Paloalto

  • Fear | Performed by Song Minho featuring Taeyang

  • Okey Dokey | Performed by Song Minho and Zico

  • Better Days | Performed by Basick featuring Gummy

Season 5

  • Air DoTheQ | Performed by Team Dok2 & The Quiett (Kim Hyo Eun, Superbee, myunDo, and Flowsik)

  • $insa | Performed by Team Zion T. and Kush (CJamm, Reddy, Killagramz and Xitsuh) featuring Zion. T

  • Comfortable | Performed by ONE, Simon D and Gray

Season 6

  • 1-on-1 battle between Woo Wonjae and Ignito

  • 1/N | Performed by Team Dynamic Duo (Hanhae, Rhino, Nucksal, and Jo Woochan)

  • Again | Performed by Woo Wonjae featuring Tiger JK, Bizzy, and MRSHLL

  • Red Sun | Performed by Hangzoo featuring Swings

  • We Are | Performed by Woo Wonjae, Loco and Gray

So You Think You Can Dance Season 14 Week 4

Concept after concept. Kiss after kiss. The show is starting to pick up momentum now. Logan and Lex are finally showing us what they’re made of. Yay! It was a great night for jazz.

Logan is killing every style given to him. His hip-hop vibe reminds me of Ivan from Season 2. Not as smooth but his flow is similar.

Real life couple, Taylor and Lex looked dazzling in this Spencer Liff jazz piece. However, this highlights how lacking Gaby and Lex’s chemisty is in their previous numbers.

Wow! Kiki is owning his characters this week.  I love this pop jazz routine by Travis Wall. I hope they’ll stop making him kiss his partners though. I’m starting to pity him for having to do that in every routine.

Robert’s flair in Mark Kanemura’s choreography reminds me of Brian Friedman. Pizzazz personified! ❤

Kaylee, Mark, and Koine are in danger of going home next week.

So You Think You Can Dance Season 14 Week 3

The best show is yet to come. This was a forgettable week. It felt like everyone was still warming up. The solos made up for the lackluster group and couple routines.

These two innovative crazy movers killed their solos as expected.

I’m also happy that Lex and Logan got to showcase their personality more in their couple routines. Although Logan and Allison as a pair did slightly better in their jive-slash-Broadway number,  I thought Lex really nailed his character. The ballroom boys didn’t do badly either. Paul brought his newfound hip-hop swag (I kept seeing him in videos of recent hip hop classes.) while Kiki was able to use his excellent partnering skills in a contemporary piece.

Koine and Marko are creeping up to the top. They were fabulous in this Dave Scott hip-hop jazz routine. This is another testimony of their great chemistry.

Kaylee, Dassy, and Taylor are my bottom 3 this week.

So You Think You Can Dance Season 14 Week 2

That was the best disco routine in the history of the show to date! Adding in some jazz into it made it magical. I added it to my list of favorite group routines. Thank you SYTYCD for giving us these exciting genre fusions!

This week was a chance for Robert (to show what he can do), Kiki (to show he can nail hip hop), all-star Cyrus (to dance his style), and Sydney (to show her versatility) to redeem themselves. We also get an opportunity have a glimpse of Lex’s brilliance through his solo. Sad how his couple routines are not helping him highlight his mad skills to a point that I think the show is downplaying him a bit to give others a chance.

Koine, Mark, and Kiki also delivered great solos. Koine is a fighter. She is showing us that she wants it and that she is consistent. Kiki is proving how good he is in his style. Mark is bridging jazz music and breaking which is beautiful. He had a little Broadway swag there.

My top 2 favorite couple routines tonight were Sean Cheeseman’s African jazz piece to Speaking in Tongues II performed by Koine and Marko,

and Al Blackstone’s Broadway piece to The Man That Got Away performed by Taylor and Robert.

These two couples are less controversial and more ‘quiet’ than the others but they are strong and consistent pairs. Marko and Koine’s number reminded me what an emotionally captivating dancer Marko is even during his season. Same with Robert, he always draws the audience into the story.

On the other hand, Logan needs to come out more. Allison is such a star that she’s eating him up on stage.

Sydney, Dassy, and Lex will probably be in the bottom next week.