More Emmys for SYTYCD please! 🏆💖

This week’s performances reaffirm why I love this show! 💖 I watched all the seasons. That was pure art! 😭  Thank you to everybody who made the episode possible. 👏 Thank you Lord for the lives and talents of these artists.🙌

My favorite was Mia Michael’s The Four Seasons. It made me tear up a bit. I love how Mia’s creations always feel genuine. She is excellent in tapping into raw emotions. I felt the peace and joy in this piece. Mia was able to showcase Darius’ essence perfectly.  He has great technique. He dances with such elegance. There is a sense of  innocence and dignity about him. Although I think he finds it hard to take on characters far from his own personality, which is why his performance comes out flat at times and we don’t feel the  chemistry with whoever his partner is. Take tonight’s Argentine tango for example.  I loved the choreography by Miriam & Leonardo. I felt Hannahlei but Darius’ presence tend to disappear at times.

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Goodbye YT! 😭

I’m sad. 😞 I got my first copyright strike on YT within a month of actually uploading something on YT. Although I got it on a VLive video and not an FMV, it made me feel so bad that I guess I should just stop uploading anything on YT altogether. 😢 If they don’t take down the existing FMVs, then they stay on the YT channel. I don’t even plan on monetizing them. I made them as an expression of love. 😭 I’ll find some place else to store my FMVs and just post it here.

갑자기 분위기 싸해질 필요 없잖아요 (Awkward Silence) by Stray Kids

Both the song and MV are cute. It’s silly, youthful and real. The feelings they exude don’t feel fake. They’re just being themselves, which is refreshing to see.

On the other hand, I appreciate that they put out a dance video but sadly, I’m underwhelmed. I think the choreography lacks the oomph. The editing helped a bit but I still didn’t feel the power and the flow.  😞