WM releases Timing (타이밍) MV 🎄

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We got an early Christmas present from the WM family. It’s nice to see B1A4, OH MY GIRL(오마이걸), and ONF(온앤오프) together in one MV. I’m glad the rap line got the chance to to shine too.😊 My hunch was sort-of correct in that ONF will release something for Christmas. It may not be their official comeback but still, we get to see something new from them. Oh and yay, they released it through 1theK!

Of course, U looks so charming.😉 I’m happy he got a lot of air time in the MV. He needs to work on making the lip syncing look more natural but it’s okay. As a fan, seeing him happy is more than enough for me.🤗

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Thank you for this, WM! 💖 

YGTB Ep 4… Bye.

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Sorry, it was a useless episode. I didn’t even like Treasure 7’s new song. I’m dropping this. Bye. I’ll just watch clips of Hyunsuk, Byounggon, and J-line members’ future performances.