RapMon: “Speak Yourself”

Rap Monster of BTS did a really good job with his speech at the UNICEF event. I’m proud of BTS for inspiring lots of people around the world. “Find your name and find your voice,” RM said. “Love Yourself. Speak Yourself.”

Witnessing as an Introvert

While it isn’t the first time something like this happened, it is still as frustrating. I’m introverted and I perfectly like it that way. Don’t try to ‘fix’ me because I ain’t broken. I’m trying to be patient and understanding that maybe they mean well but don’t know any better. I can serve God and witness for Christ the way that I am.

Push the envelope some more and I will find a place where I am better accepted and appreciated the way that I am.

Seven O’ Clock comeback

Seven O’ Clock will comeback on Oct 8 without Vaan and under a new agency, Forest Network. A-day officially changes his stage name to Hangyeom. Their group has been through a lot. It must be bittersweet for Song Hangyeom to move on without Vaan. But I’m hoping for the best for him and his group.

Oh maybe Vaan wants to join YG’s upcoming survival show? If that survival show pushes through, Byounggon and Hyunsuk may be able to finally debut.

Then, almost all of the Mix Nine Final 9 will be ‘active’!

Liveworks, what is your plan for Lee Rubin? Mix Nine fans are waiting for him too.

Did I unintentionally become a multi-fandom because of the failed Mix Nine debut? I’m stanning boy groups with Mix Nine members.

Yao Mingming, where are you? I’m inspired to create a Mix Nine dance line Twitter banner now. Bye.