7oC ‘Nothing Better’ Choreography Practice

This is the best video of this song so far. The lighting and setting were perfect. All of them looked really good in this. The dancing was smooth too.

I have no clue what they are saying but I think this is a compliment relay. ONF did something like this before too. I hope someone will translate this soon.


My Seven O’Clock 2nd mini album, #7, arrived today. It’s so pretty!🌹 I’m starting to like this shade of blue.😊 They sent it via FedEx and I received it in a day. It was my first time to order from Synnara. It was more expensive than what I’m used to when I order from CDJapan but it’s okay, I’ll charge it to experience.


You can listen to their album tracks here. If you want to read what I thought of their new MVs, you can check out my blog post here.

Dance War Round 3

I still miss Green 10. He would’ve nailed this better than any of them in terms of the style. Anyway, Yellow 22 had the best solo section but he seems to have a problem synchronizing with other dancers. There is something quirky about Pink 02. Is it the odd head movements? Idk. Silver 16 and Purple 23 synced well when they danced together. Purple 23 committed to the dance more than the others and that turn was nicely done. However, I think the two songs fitted Silver 16 the most. He had the second best solo and he can relatively dance well with the group. I guess I’ll vote for him in this round.

No to sweets 🤢

I ate too many sweets today that I’m having a mild sore throat.😣 I get sick whenever I eat sweet things so I usually avoid them. I was just too lazy to prepare something better to snack on so I ate two individually packed chocolates filled with some crumbly cookies and cream powder. They were not that big — probably the size of a small cookie. And now, I’m feeling sick.😣 I remember the last time I ate cream puffs I had a fever that lasted a week. I’m just not good with sweets — candies, cakes, chocolates, whatever. I don’t enjoy them.  Am I weird?