Dance War Spin Off: Round 1 Fancam

Dance War is postponed for a week. With Green 10 and Red 28 gone, the remaining contestants really need to up their game to convince us fans that they are indeed the best final 4. Also, I’m sure 1theK is preparing special treats for us! ❤️

Green 10 is U [유]!

My dream match up didn’t happen but I’m still happy I get to see Yuto’s cool solo. The result of the next round is obvious. Purple 23 + Silver 16 will win. I hope 1theK will make the participants dance the routines without the masks on after all the rounds are over.


Waaah!😭 They release this right when I want to shake off the crush. I mean, seriously?! This is such gorgeous dancing. I just can’t.😭 U…💗 His musicality and precision are superb. His moves are so clean.💘

I think 1theK wants to appease our broken hearts.


I saw a rainbow today. I wanted to show it to U but I lack the confidence. I’m having that episode again where I just want to lie low and not be a creepy, obsessive fan. When you seriously think about it, if there were someone whom I didn’t exactly know and like, and he did all these things that I do — like keep a Pinterest board of me, create FMVs, whatever, I’ll freak out. If he were older, that would make it gross. Well, U is a celebrity so there’s a big difference in perspective and tolerance but still it must feel creepy.

I want to drop the obsession right now and just be a fan of the songs and the dancing. That is it. This rainbow is a call to end the crush. I will start off by fighting the urge to pin stuff on my Mix Nine Pinterest board.