U [유] Video Call

I was waiting for this since yesterday! I thought he’d say something longer since it’s in Japanese. Did someone assign this script to him? Honestly, I wanted him to do this in a cooler way but he went the cute route. But it’s all good. I still love U. 💖

He said, “Oh you’re so cute! I really like you.”

My Pace by Stray Kids

These JYP babies released a new MV two days ago. What I appreciate about them is their choice of themes for their songs. Although their rock sound carries angst and vigor as they talk about common issues teens deal with such as insecurities, depression and fear of the future, their lyrics are usually conversational like talking to their listeners and encouraging them. To me, they are like telling their young listeners that  “Hey! You are not alone in your struggles. We understand you. We can get through this.” Or it’s probably just me who thinks that.

Stray Kids is good group. They have great music sense. They write well. They dance well.  And they feel genuine.

P.S. Minho, why am I getting JB (Got7) vibes from you?

SYTYCD just went oh boom!💥

Nigel was right when he said the pairings were perfect tonight. Golly gee, I don’t even know where to start. *deep breath* Okay…best of the night for me was Travis Wall’s piece to Glass Heart Concerto. Emmy! Emmy! Emmy! Just give this genius choreographer another Emmy! This was pure art. I loved everything about about it — the concept, the shapes, the mood, everything. Exquisite!

I actually loved both of Magda’s performances.

My girl was fire in the cha cha too by Val Chmerkovskiy. 🔥 I especially liked that red dress. She reminded me a bit of Jasmine, the Disney princess. Darius could’ve been stronger but sure, ballroom is not his forte. I thought he did a fabulous job outside his genre.

The other beast of a couple is Cole and Hannahlei. This Tyce Diorio contemporary piece to They Won’t Go When I Go (Remastered) was haunting. I felt the tragedy and desperation in their performance. I think these two are power houses in that I feel that they have technique, personality, and chemistry.

Speaking of chemistry, I felt the chemistry oozing out of these two — probably the most believable. I noticed Genessy for the first time here. She’s a natural. Slavik said before that he struggles with hip hop choreography. I saw that a bit here but I can see that his popping is great. I’m curious about his solo since I’ve heard good things about it. Their contemporary number choreographed by Talia Favia was pretty good too. I thought Slavik did better at contemporary than hip hop.

The pleasant surprise for me was this tap number by Chelsea and Evan. I like this version of Singin’ In The Rain and the whole number was dreamy. Chelsea looked like Tiana from Princess and the Frog. I thought she was very elegant and beautiful in this. This got me all tingly inside. Props to her for being brave enough to take on tap! It is very stylized and technique heavy.

Jensen and Jay Jay were sassy. They are team personality. I think Jay Jay enjoyed that samba more than Jensen. Haha. They may not be my favorites but they were really fun to watch.

So final picks for tonight, Magda and Cole are still my favorites followed by Hannahlei and Slavik. Overall great show tonight! What a fabulous way to kick off the live shows!

Oh by the way, that opening number was very Travis Wall. It was picturesque and surreal. ✨

Did I repost almost all the recent videos on the SYTYCD Youtube channel today? 🤦‍♀️ Sorry, I just really enjoyed today’s episode. 💖

U [유] Snack Time

There were new photos released at the ONF fan cafe covering the entire Complete promotions. I liked this one best since the other photos of him were too cute for my taste.  I’ve said it many times that as a personal preference, I like seeing his cool side more.

One thing I realized today is that it’s really hard to be a fan — I mean like a “super fan” if there is such a thing. You follow your artist’s schedule and activities physically. You wait on their every tweet, update, and media that gets released. It’s time consuming, costly, and emotionally draining. I don’t know how multi-fandoms do it. It requires such dedication, patience and obsession. I can only support remotely since I’m not in Korea but as it is, the exhaustion is starting to kick in. No. I’m definitely not getting tired of U and ONF. I love them and I’m really happy to be a Fuse.  It’s just that I think the Kpop fandom world can really take a toll on you.  Well, I’m relatively new at this. Mix Nine Top Nine would have been my first real fandom if they debuted.  Right now, I find myself focusing more and more on ONF especially U. My blog is now full of him.

I also realized that my heart can only stan 1 artist. My head is full of him. That’s just me probably. I can appreciate many others too but I tend to have a very loyal heart so I find myself pouring out all my love and effort to just 1 artist at a time. Currently, that artist is this guy eating a biscuit in the photo. I don’t know how it is for other people but I’m discovering that this is the type of fan that I am.