U[유] VS ‘coconut’🌴🥥

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It was Hyojin’s birthday yesterday so ONF played another mini-game. This time it’s a speed quiz where each member will take turns to describe or act out a word and other members will guess it. Everything was going smoothly but then Yuto got the word ‘coconut’ which led them to fail this game.😂 ONF is so adorable! 💖

Full video here.

New bias found! 🤩

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I decided on a new bias from 1THE9 after reviewing whatever content is available online and much deliberation. While Junseo is eye candy and Doyum is the best dancer in 1THE9, Seunghwan’s charm attracts me the most. I didn’t know that I tend to be attracted to guys with squarish jawline, spongy cheeks, and the monolid until today. It’s very Yuto.😅 So this is the type of face I like.🤔

I’m going to make a sub-page on this blog for him soon. I can finally divide my affection so I won’t become an obsessive fan to a single artist. Now Yuto has a rival in my heart. I hope I can like them both in a healthier way as a fan.

He was part of the team who performed Mirotic in Under Nineteen, which was the best stage in that whole program.

Random stuff

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I spent Resurrection Sunday with my family and relatives. One of my nieces, a cousin’s daughter who is 3-years-old, handed everyone a piece of paper with her artwork. She told everyone “Please keep it.” What a sweet kid.😘

Pitu has new filters so I played around with it a bit. I have oriental features so traditional clothes tend to suit me. I like how the red and blue “Ging” photos turned out. Thanks to this app I can play model for a culture magazine. 😁

Living victoriously

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“The greatest enemy to human souls is the self-righteous spirit which makes men look to themselves for salvation.” – Charles Spurgeon

“Righteousness is a gift we received, not a reward we achieved. “

The message today made me realize that I am a bad receiver. Many Christians like me fall into the trap of thinking that it is always better to give than to receive. We have a sort-of “Holy Week” mentality as the preacher called it. We still feel like we owe God for the sins we committed and we try to pay him back through good deeds or acts of service. We are still trying to earn our righteousness when in fact, we are already victorious in Jesus. The work is finished. The debt has already been paid by Christ. When God sees us, He sees the righteousness of Christ in us. What I learned today is to rest in the finished work of Christ and to learn to receive God’s grace with a grateful heart. It’s basic Christian knowledge but I realized that while it is important to share the gospel to others, I have to preach the gospel to myself everyday as well.

1THE9 Dance Line

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Say hello to my 1THE9 Dance Line! This is my new Twitter and Youtube banner. They were all part of the Performance team in Under Nineteen. As expected, I like dancers. I can’t pick a bias yet. They have different charms. Seunghwan’s dancing and voice are so manly. Doyum’s dancing is strong yet pretty. Junseo’s visual is cute and he dances with a Yao Mingming aura.

1THE9 is now my second favorite K-POP group after ONF.

Faith and Fear

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Today’s devotional was about Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus, influential people in the Jewish society who were disciples of Jesus in secret. Unlike the apostles who were publicly with Jesus for 3 years in the ministry, these two only surfaced during a crucial moment. At a time when the apostles hid and denied Jesus, these two secret disciples risked everything –their position, wealth, and lives — when they asked for the body of Jesus from Pilate and gave it a proper burial at a rich man’s tomb; thus, fulfilling the prophecy in Isaiah 53:9.

It wasn’t because they were not afraid. They probably were but they were still able to stand for Jesus. “Faith is not the absence of fear. Faith operates amidst the presence of fear.” Our fears should not limit us in following Jesus. We should not feel ashamed that we are afraid. In our weakness, Christ is strong. Let us all find strength in Jesus.

” I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” – Philippians 4:13