Strengths Test

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Our Victory Group leader asked us to take this online strengths test, which determines your top 5 strengths. Here’s what I got. Obviously, my results say nothing about being good with people. It’s all about being an effective worker. As a Christian, I really don’t know if this is good.

Top 1: Deliverer
Your objective is to take responsibility. If there is a person who is emotionally bound to follow through on all promises – then it’s you. Your strong ethical principles do not let you to simply write missteps off on excuses and rationalizations. It holds true no matter how small or large is the issue you are dealing with. Your name and reputation depend on you being responsible for your commitments. That’s why people love to have you in their team. When assigning new responsibilities, they look at you first. They are 100% sure that what’ll get on your desk – will get done no matter what.

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My programming class dismissed early today so I was able to attend the Saturday service. We are on a series discussing about the book of Acts, specifically church “trademarks”. They keep asking the congregation to engage our seatmate and pray for him/her. I understand why they are asking us to do this but it’s uncomfortable. I always tell my seatmate whoever it is that I will pray for him/her silently. I’m sure my seatmates don’t mind but I still don’t like the idea that I’m put in that kind of situation.

I pondered about it. This applies to me and in no way am I generalizing that all people who experience difficulty in praying aloud spontaneously is the same. A big factor of why it’s hard for me to pray for another person is because I honestly don’t care enough for that person. I don’t have the kind of compassion Jesus has for people. While I don’t hate people and I sincerely wish everyone all the best, I also don’t particularly like them. To me, people (in general) are just there. They exist like rocks do and trees do. Sometimes I have specific thoughts on rocks, trees and people. That is the time I can genuinely pray for them but that’s very rare. Since I have no thoughts nor feelings towards that person and I’m not the type who fakes it, I end up being unable to pray for that person. How does one learn to care for people anyway? I honestly don’t know. I don’t make friends easily and I’m very transactional in how I deal with people. I prefer to blog instead of chit chatting with friends. I’m so…detached. And the thing is, I kind of like it that way.

I don’t know. Please enlighten me, Lord.

Angel’s Last Mission: Love

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A ballet-themed fantasy drama is exactly what I need. An angel falls in love with a grumpy ballerina and helps her get back on her feet after an accident. I want an angel who can inspire me and help me dance again too. 😇 Ah! Yuto is my angel! ❤️

1Team goes acoustic

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1Team does great acoustic covers. Their arrangements are interesting. I like their covers better than their own songs. I already know BC is talented. I had some doubts with the vocals at first but they sound fine.


Oh. It seems like they do acoustic versions well in general. I like this acoustic version of Vibe.