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Needless to say, I love the OST. 🎶 Arabian Nights, One Jump Ahead, and A Whole New World are the best. 👍

Aladdin is my favorite Disney movie of all time, followed by Beauty and the Beast. I’ve seen the animated version so many times. It talks about how what’s inside you is more beautiful than any treasure in the world, and that the right one will love you for who you are.😊 We are all diamonds in the rough. 💎

Aladdin is my favorite Disney prince and Jasmine is my favorite Disney princess. I like how clumsy Aladdin’s personality is. He usually second-guesses himself but he finds the courage when it is for the person whom he loves. In the movie, he dances and does parkour too.😄 On the other hand, Jasmine is capable, independent, and sassy. However, she also second-guesses herself so finding someone who believes in her and encourages her to take risks greatly moved her. She also has the look and the costume that I like best among the Disney princesses. Abu 🐒, Rajah 🐅 and Carpet are so adorable too. I’ve always wanted a life-size tiger plushie but it isn’t practical so I gave up. 🙍 I can’t have pets but I love animal plushies.💖

I had a huge smile on my face while watching the 2019 remake. It takes me back to everything I love about this story. I really enjoyed the new dances and songs especially that Bollywood number at the party scene. I wanted Jafar to be slightly more sinister and Jasmine to be slightly more alluring, but the cast did pretty well overall.

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The absence of the staple male leads is hitting the Korean drama industry hard. After Encounter, only Romance is a Bonus Book and Touch Your Heart interested me. I’ve been watching more J-dramas recently. Let me introduce them through their OSTs because OSTs capture the general mood of the story.

初めて恋をした日に読む話 (A Story to Read When You First Fall In Love)
OST: Happy Birthday by back number

The story revolves around how a cram school teacher discovers herself, her passion for teaching, and love in her mid-thirties as she helps a former delinquent get into Japan’s top university. The female lead is endearing because even though she is not perfect, she has a good heart and she always does her best. The male characters in this drama are considerate and mature too. They always think about her welfare and how to help her. There is no antagonist in this story. The characters simply face off with their insecurities, failures and life in general.

彼氏をローンで買いました (I Bought A Boyfriend with A Loan)
OST: Life is beautiful by BiSH

A female receptionist is grooming herself to be the perfect housewife to find a rich husband. Her ideals are shaken by a “loan boyfriend” she purchased to relieve her pent up stress. The story is shallow and predictable but you’d still want to watch it to follow how the characters’ hearts change and how their feelings gradually develop.

こんな未来は聞いてない!! (I Haven’t Heard of A Future Like That!)
OST: ドンフィクション by ときめき♡宣伝部

Young love. Love triangle. Beach setting. That’s it. The element about the female lead’s future self going back to the past to “fix” her love life is poorly developed. You can ignore that as well as the occasional awkward rapping. Kizu Takumi reminds me of one of my cousins. It’s the same cousin who sort-of looks like Kento Yamazaki. They have the same aura. I think that’s why I can’t shake off the older brother feel I get from these actors.

‘Encounter’ and ‘幸色のワンルーム’

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I finished watching these two dramas this week. Let me introduce them through their OSTs. Each one has its own charm and captures the essence of the series.

Neiro by FLOW – 幸色のワンルーム Sachiiro no One Room OST
Sachiiro no One Room (幸色のワンルーム) is grime, almost indie-like. It’s twisted and real. At the same time, like many Japanese works, it talks about the tragic beauty of a fleeting moment. It makes your heart ache and forces you to reflect on your life. Then you wonder if the silver lining is actually a silver lining and not some delusion.

Take Me On (남자친구) by SALTNPAPER (솔튼페이퍼) – Encounter OST
Park Bo Gum’s character is #BoyfriendGoals. He raised the bar way up high. He waited for her to open her heart. This drama is sweet and soulful. It’s calm and warm. It makes you aware of your feelings. It is part of my Top 10 Korean Dramas of 2018. “I want to show you a side of you that only you are unaware of.”💗 “Thank you for being brave.” 💗


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I like the feel of these two songs from the OST of the Japanese drama, I”S.

Yesterdays by Takezawa Migiwa (竹澤汀)

Coffee by Mrs. Green Apple

ディストランス by エッダ (Edda)

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I just finished watching the live-action movie 「アヤメくんののんびり肉食日誌」or literally Ayame-kun’s Easygoing Meat Diet Diary. It was cute in a nerdy way. Thanks to this movie I discovered Edda. I enjoyed the main theme 「ディストランス」 and the insert song 「魔法」, which were both sung by her. I love her voice and music.

Fortunately, it’s on Spotify. The only decent copy online that I found of 「ディストランス」 is this dance video.

A.C.E releases 어쩌면(Maybe) MV

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What is happening?! I’m collecting hearts today. 💕 A.C.E released a rainy MV!☔ Here is 어쩌면(Maybe) from 내사랑 치유기 (My Healing Love) OST.

Byeongkwan with an umbrella is cute. I want to see U in a rainy photoshoot too with a clear umbrella. ☺


It’s Gonna Rain – Bonnie Pink (るろうに剣心 OST)

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I suddenly missed this. It’s Gonna Rain by Bonnie Pink is still my favorite Rurouni Kenshin OST. Makimachi Misao is still my favorite RK character. Misao x Aoshi is still my favorite RK ship. 😘

When I was a kid, one of my dreams was to create anime opening and ending sequences. Although I don’t have the talent to draw manga, I can write decent story lines and dialogues, as well as play music. If you noticed, I’m also fond of summarizing and compiling things, so creating short previews and teasers seem fascinating to me. I also watch out for creative opening and ending credit scenes in movies. I don’t know what happened to that dream. 今まで何やってるの私?