Aladdin 💎

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Needless to say, I love the OST. 🎶 Arabian Nights, One Jump Ahead, and A Whole New World are the best. 👍

Aladdin is my favorite Disney movie of all time, followed by Beauty and the Beast. I’ve seen the animated version so many times. It talks about how what’s inside you is more beautiful than any treasure in the world, and that the right one will love you for who you are.😊 We are all diamonds in the rough. 💎

Aladdin is my favorite Disney prince and Jasmine is my favorite Disney princess. I like how clumsy Aladdin’s personality is. He usually second-guesses himself but he finds the courage when it is for the person whom he loves. In the movie, he dances and does parkour too.😄 On the other hand, Jasmine is capable, independent, and sassy. However, she also second-guesses herself so finding someone who believes in her and encourages her to take risks greatly moved her. She also has the look and the costume that I like best among the Disney princesses. Abu 🐒, Rajah 🐅 and Carpet are so adorable too. I’ve always wanted a life-size tiger plushie but it isn’t practical so I gave up. 🙍 I can’t have pets but I love animal plushies.💖

I had a huge smile on my face while watching the 2019 remake. It takes me back to everything I love about this story. I really enjoyed the new dances and songs especially that Bollywood number at the party scene. I wanted Jafar to be slightly more sinister and Jasmine to be slightly more alluring, but the cast did pretty well overall.


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I went to see this movie after service with my Tech team ministry members. I cried. It talks about great faith, the power of prayer, the love of family and community and of course God’s power to create miracles in our lives. It’s based on a true story.

It featured the song Oceans by Hillsong. That part when the whole community was praying for John’s recovery was what made me cry. Love is overwhelming. I want this kind of love that overwhelms and fills you with warmth.

It made me realize that I can’t be with someone without faith and love for Christ. This is the most important requirement. Second of course is that he should be a dancer. 😊

言の葉の庭 (The Garden of Words)

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I’m a pluviophile — I love the rain so this movie was so satisfying for me.  Ah! Look at these wonderful gifs of rain.🌧️ I wish U can do a rainy day photo shoot. That would be dreamy.💗

ディストランス by エッダ (Edda)

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I just finished watching the live-action movie 「アヤメくんののんびり肉食日誌」or literally Ayame-kun’s Easygoing Meat Diet Diary. It was cute in a nerdy way. Thanks to this movie I discovered Edda. I enjoyed the main theme 「ディストランス」 and the insert song 「魔法」, which were both sung by her. I love her voice and music.

Fortunately, it’s on Spotify. The only decent copy online that I found of 「ディストランス」 is this dance video.

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

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Although many people gave the movie bad reviews, I still want to watch this at least for the music and the story. I hope there will be some dancing since The Nutcracker is famous as a ballet.

I remember when I was 8, I danced to Tchaikovsky’s The Russian Dance from The Nutcracker at a ballet recital. We even had a Christmas mall show. Then in 9th grade, we did The Nutcracker again and I got to do The Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy. I don’t remember much anymore just the feeling, the music and the pretty costumes. 😊

Oh I also vaguely remember liking the old animated movie, The Nutcracker Prince.  It’s one of my favorite stories.


Bleach Live-Action Film

Bleach.pngI enjoyed this adaptation. I’m interested to see sequels.

P.S. I was surprised by how good-looking Fukushi Sota is in this scene. I tried to capture the exact moment in this screen cap when I realized his handsomeness.✨