New Translation Projects

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I’m taking on two new translation projects for scanlation: 「結婚式まで何マイル?」and 「ハピラハジマル」. The art looks cute. I’m looking forward to working on this after the dance concert.

Procrastinating 😞

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I have 4 pages to go to translate for a scanlation project and I can’t bring myself to do it. I procrastinated doing it for about 2 weeks now. Why? It’s because there is nothing significant happening to the story for the past 2-3 chapters. It’s getting a bit boring. It’s volunteer work but I have to finish it.😩 I should do that now to get it over and done with.

Bleach Live-Action Film

Bleach.pngI enjoyed this adaptation. I’m interested to see sequels.

P.S. I was surprised by how good-looking Fukushi Sota is in this scene. I tried to capture the exact moment in this screen cap when I realized his handsomeness.✨

Love Scatters done!

I just got off from translating the last chapter of the shoujo manga, Koi Chikarashite (恋ちらかして) by Yuki Yoshihara (吉原 由起). I’m stoked. With this, I’ve helped see to completion the scanlation of 3 series already: Men’s Kou, Cosplay Deka, and Love Scatters. I also did a couple of one-shots (short series) and some chapters of Black BirdCosplay Animal and Migawari Hakushaku to Himitsu no Nikki a few years back.

I can’t believe it’s been 7 years since I’ve picked up this hobby. I contribute Japanese-to-English translations for a mid-size scanlation group known as Decadence Scans since way back when it was still called Transcendence Scans. You can read our releases on almost every online manga reader site out there. It’s a fun process. Plus, I get to read new series for free.

Anyway, I can enjoy a short break until May before I start a new project.