GO, Rap! by Haon for HSR 3

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Kim Haon, winner of School Rapper 2, released a teaser MV for Season 3! Someone translated some bit in the comments section. It wrote, “To all the self titled geniuses, sometimes you need to show them what you got. If you don’t show it, everything will go to waste, you’ll regret it someday.” I hope MNet will add in English subtitles soon.

My Favorite Stages in School Rapper Season 2

Kim HaOn is an obvious favorite. Every stage he did was lit. I’m also rooting for H2adin, the freestyle monster, although he has yet to show a captivating and memorable stage this season. I noticed that I’m drawn to the beats from Rhythm Power stages more than GroovyRoom. They are more danceable. With how things are going, the finalists will most likely be Kim HaOn (GroovyRoom), Bully (Deepflow), H2adin (San E & Cheetah), and Webster B (Rhythm Power). I can’t say who wins though but HaOn and Webster B will probably get signed eventually.

Post Finale Edit 4/14/2018:

Kim HaOn deserved to win. He dominated week after week. This was a fantastic season! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Less controversies, more good music. Clloud really stepped it up in the finale. His stage was unexpectedly sexy. And that Lee Byungjae X Woo Wonjae X GroovyRoom collab was the perfect finale stage for Byungjae.

I’m excited for the future careers of these budding artists.

Kim HaOn’s Cypher

Chilla’s Ranking Stage

Kim HaOn’s Ranking Stage

“Buk” by Chilla and Webster B

“Like It” by Clloud and Webster B

“Young Waves” by Chilla, Boi B, Hangzoo

“Barcode” by Kim HaOn and Byungjae | Produced by GroovyRoom

“Adios” by Kim HaOn | Produced by BoyCold

“Blame” by Lee Byungjae | Produced by BoyCold

“Alone” by Bully Da Ba$tard

“Not at all” by Lee Byungjae feat. Woo Wonjae

“Yaho” by Clloud feat. Geegooin

“Mi Color” by Top 5 | Produced by Dok2