YGTB Final Episode

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Again, the editing in the dance was so bad. 😞 The ending concept seemed cool but I couldn’t fully appreciate it.

As it is, I only liked the the rap performance. If Byounggon and Hyunsuk don’t get to debut this time around, it’ll be hard for me to support this new group wholeheartedly.

I saw a funny GIF in the YGTB thread. I think it really sums up what the general public feels about today’s episode. Oh and voting on VLive was such a futile exercise. It amounted to nothing. Ultimately, only YG’s opinion mattered.

Boomerang cover by YGTB

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I’m biased towards dance so this is the performance that I enjoyed the most. I’m still not fond of the editing and stage production of this program. Sorry, the lights during DNA was so dark. I couldn’t see them dancing at all.😞

YGTB Close Up Charming Point

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Here are the ones that stood out to me.

Byounggon shows off his Adam’s apple.

Again, Sungyeon’s tall nose and perfect profile.

It made me think what Yuto’s close up charming points are. Probably his eyes, jawline and Adam’s apple.😊 He has nice forearms too.❤️

YGTB Flower Boys

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As if the flower-themed photos released over the holidays weren’t enough, YG presents us with the film version.

My heart skipped a beat while watching Lee Byounggon’s video. 💓 It was a nice blend of gentle and manly. This was the best for me.

Mashiho’s final frame got me. The way he looked at the camera…💘

Honorable mention:

Like I said, Sungyeon’s side profile is perfect. That nose and jawline…👌

Yoshinori looked like he came straight out of a manga! This is a true flower boy right here.

Ha Yoonbin has pretty eyes. With that stern look, I think he can be an actor and play stoic, handsome male lead roles.

If ONF’s U did something like this, I think it will be the death of me.

YGTB Flower Attack!

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My favorites from YG Treasure box — the Mix Nine boys + J-Line + Kim Sungyeon. I think Kim Sungyeon (lower right) has the best photo. He has a beautiful profile. Next is Keita, then Kotaro and Yoshinori. The most beautiful flower is the one Byounggon is holding.