Get Away by Seven O’ Clock

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The MV for Seven O’ Clock’s comeback single, Get Away, was released today. The colors in this are so vibrant and beautiful. 💖 Seven O’Clock has this warm ‘boy next door’ feel.😉 Their songs are made to be part of OSTs.

Seven O’ Clock x ONF Reunion

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This week Seven O’ Clock came back with a new single, “Get Away”, and a new member.

Song Hangyeom also reunited with ONF! My Mix Nine fan heart is happy. 😄 I think A.C.E is in Spain right now so no trinity reunion as of yet.

7oC ‘Nothing Better’ Choreography Practice

This is the best video of this song so far. The lighting and setting were perfect. All of them looked really good in this. The dancing was smooth too.

I have no clue what they are saying but I think this is a compliment relay. ONF did something like this before too. I hope someone will translate this soon.


My Seven O’Clock 2nd mini album, #7, arrived today. It’s so pretty!🌹 I’m starting to like this shade of blue.😊 They sent it via FedEx and I received it in a day. It was my first time to order from Synnara. It was more expensive than what I’m used to when I order from CDJapan but it’s okay, I’ll charge it to experience.


You can listen to their album tracks here. If you want to read what I thought of their new MVs, you can check out my blog post here.