Happy White Day!❤️

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ONF sent Fuses an email message in reply to our Valentines Day email, a couple of video messages and a special MV behind-the-scenes clip. ❤️

“[#U] Everyone, today is White Day! I’m sending you this video instead of candies. Thank you always. I love you always. Eat lots of delicious food and candies today, and please always be happy. Bye! ” (Translated by @hyojetion)

U’s message: “Hi Fuse~! Thank you for always being by our side. It is because of you that I can spend everyday happily. >< As expected of Fuse, you’re ONF’s strength! Let’s continue to walk together in the future. Fighting always! -U-” (Translated by @hyojetion)

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Freemind Crew

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They choreographed many of ONF’s dances. I’m starting to like them. Their choreography is unique and creative. I’m a fan of the lady dancer. She is cool. I want to dance powerfully like her.👍 I need to practice!