Spotlight or The Story?

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Seriously contemplating whether to learn Spotlight or The Story choreography for fun. If I can recruit members to join me, I’ll join 1TheK again. If not, I won’t. Since I’ll be actively dancing soon, I imagine that I’ll be warmed up enough to learn these properly. I’m leaning towards The Story because the song is so good I don’t get tired of it.

Lee Seunghwan Focus Fancam in Idol Radio

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I watched several of his performance videos and this predebut video stood out to me because of how much he seemed to enjoy dancing to this song.

Here’s 1THE9 dance cover medley of Under Nineteen performances. They dance with such enthusiasm and great energy. Their dancing exudes youth and passion. It’s refreshing.

New bias found! 🤩

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I decided on a new bias from 1THE9 after reviewing whatever content is available online and much deliberation. While Junseo is eye candy and Doyum is the best dancer in 1THE9, Seunghwan’s charm attracts me the most. I didn’t know that I tend to be attracted to guys with squarish jawline, spongy cheeks, and the monolid until today. It’s very Yuto.😅 So this is the type of face I like.🤔

I’m going to make a sub-page on this blog for him soon. I can finally divide my affection so I won’t become an obsessive fan to a single artist. Now Yuto has a rival in my heart. I hope I can like them both in a healthier way as a fan.

He was part of the team who performed Mirotic in Under Nineteen, which was the best stage in that whole program.

1THE9 Dance Line

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Say hello to my 1THE9 Dance Line! This is my new Twitter and Youtube banner. They were all part of the Performance team in Under Nineteen. As expected, I like dancers. I can’t pick a bias yet. They have different charms. Seunghwan’s dancing and voice are so manly. Doyum’s dancing is strong yet pretty. Junseo’s visual is cute and he dances with a Yao Mingming aura.

1THE9 is now my second favorite K-POP group after ONF.

1THE9 Debut 💓

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1THE9, the unit that came out of the Korean idol survival show Under Nineteen, released several MVs to promote their debut album. They made my heart flutter.💓 I might actually find a new bias soon. If all of their songs will be at this caliber, I’m going to stan this group. I like the feel and sound of The Story.

우리들의 이야기(The Story)



This suit version of Spotlight made me see how well-rounded this unit is. I think it’s an advantage of groups formed through survival shows. All elements are accounted for: vocals, performance, rap and visuals. I like how well rap is incorporated in this group. It is not treated as an accessory or add-on but as a core element.

I have to watch all individual teasers and related videos before deciding on a bias. As it is, there are three guys who catch my eye.

Do Yum