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I saw Mashiho dance in the YG Treasure Box multicam vlive yesterday. He has a good groove. I’m adding him to my watch list. Now I have Mahiro and Mashiho from J-line, then Hyunsuk and Byounggon from Team A. 

Mashiho also did a cameo in AKMU’s musical short film at 4:07 and 8:33.

Dance War Round 2 (Unmasked) & ISAC 2018 Behind The Scenes

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Waaaaah! 😭 The world is feeding me well today. 1theK released the unmasked version of Round 2!

And I get to see another U focus cam…!

Not to mention WM also released the behind the scenes video of ISAC Chuseok Special 2018!  Hyojin looks 10x cooler when he is playing sports. I bet he is the type girls usually crush on in school. 😉 As for me, I live for U’s dance flair. (10:02, 15:52)💓 I would’ve cheered loudly with the other Fuses too if I were there.🙌🙌🙌 Someday I hope to meet ONF too!

YG Treasure Box participants open individual VLive channels

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YG Treasure Box voting scheme is stressing me out. They created individual Vlive channels for each of the 29 participants, and fans need to keep tapping hearts on their video. This means fans can only tap hearts for one participant at a time. This forces fans to pick a favorite to whom to dedicate their “hearts” (votes) to. Now that it has come down to this, I’m only going to support Byounggon, Hyunsuk and Mahiro. Worse comes to worst, if I had to choose only one, it’s going to be Byounggon.

Whatever. I don’t want to obsess about it. I’ll just wait for the performance videos.

In the meantime, I’ll unwind by watching U’s Fake Love Dance War focus cam video again.