Lee Gikwang x Kid Milli collab on ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes’

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Lee Gikwang and Kid Milli brought the Michael Jackson vibe back!🕴️ Kid Milli fits this jazzy beat. I was about to feel disappointed during the first half when the MV focuses too much on Gikwang’s half-naked, ripped body. He is great eye candy and all, but I came for his fabulous dancing. Thank God it sort of picked up towards the end. This reminds me what great legends Michael Jackson and Rain were and how cool that style was. I hope Gikwang will release a performance version.


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I think I have successfully let go of the unnecessary feelings now. White Day has passed and while I thought it was sweet, I wasn’t blown away. I’ve woken up now. I’m ready to be purely a Yuto dance fan.🥳 I am still a Fuse and he will still be my bias without the unhealthy obsession.

I’m also excited for Lee Gikwang’s collaboration with Kid Milli! I saw the teaser. Gikwang is on my crushables list. I remember him best from Dancing High. He is a great dancer and is very handsome. Will he become my new bias? I don’t know.

Happy White Day!❤️

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ONF sent Fuses an email message in reply to our Valentines Day email, a couple of video messages and a special MV behind-the-scenes clip. ❤️

“[#U] Everyone, today is White Day! I’m sending you this video instead of candies. Thank you always. I love you always. Eat lots of delicious food and candies today, and please always be happy. Bye! ” (Translated by @hyojetion)

U’s message: “Hi Fuse~! Thank you for always being by our side. It is because of you that I can spend everyday happily. >< As expected of Fuse, you’re ONF’s strength! Let’s continue to walk together in the future. Fighting always! -U-” (Translated by @hyojetion)

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Up by TREI

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The melody in the chorus is nice. “Why do I have to stay all night like this? Tell me. Just tell me. Why are these important?” 🎶 I also like the rainbow filter.