Down with a cold😷

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The change in the weather got me. A Japanese Fuse asked for my help in creating a video for Yuto since ONF will be promoting in Japan next week and they want to have a belated celebration of his birthday. I’m busy with daily life and that. I also found inspiration for my next 30s PV. I’ll do that after I finish the video request.

Ex-YG trainee and Mix Nine Top 9 finisher, Lee Byounggon, will debut under C9 Entertainment some time in the second half of the year. He was my top pick in YG Treasure Box. His group is currently called C9 boys while they don’t have an official group name yet. Soon all the members of Mix Nine Top 9 will be active! He will debut with his fellow ex-YG trainee, Kim Seunghun, and Bae Jinyoung of the disbanded group, Wanna One.

Treasure 13 X Melvin Timtim

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YG’s new boy group is called Treasure 13. Three of the members released a dance video with Melvin Timtim. While I like the fact that YG is trying to imbibe more authentic dancing into this group by inviting famous dancers to teach these boys, I’m not that impressed with this piece. Perhaps because YG tends to focus on the swag more than the actual dance that it looks a bit lazy.

YG reveals a second unit

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I don’t know what YG is thinking. Is this new group going to promote heavily in Japan? I prefer this line up over Treasure. But still no Byounggon.
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Most of YGTB’s dancers are in this group.

Choi Hyunsuk joins the YGTB line up

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Seriously?! I’m happy that he can finally debut but he deserves a better group. Why do I feel like it’s a desperate ploy to somehow hook in some of the Mix Nine and Silver Boys stans to support this new group? Mashiho can debut with J-line. But what happens to Byounggon now?! I don’t want Gon and Hyunsuk to be separated.😒 I’ll probably be a solo stan and support Hyunsuk only.

Year of the Visual Rookies?

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2019 is the year of the rookies. There are many visual rookie groups debuting this year. With how the results of YG Treasure Box is turning out, YG seems to be forming a young, visual group that could face off with the likes of Big Hit’s TXT. I’m not a fan of what he is doing. I will probably not support this new group at all unless Hyunsuk or Byounggon miraculously joins the line up. However, a part of me doesn’t want those two to separate. I’d rather have YG debut another group with a more hip hop vibe — similar to how Winner is different from iKON. No more survival shows for YG please. It’s toxic. I think he has sadistic tendencies. I have given up hope on the Treasure Box line-up so I unfollowed the YGTB account on V-Live. I hope there will be news about J-Line debuting soon to appease angry, frustrated ex-YGTB fans like me. YG has a knack for making fans feel bad, which might just backfire on his agency sooner than later.

In stark contrast, JYP is making Mix Nine fans happy introducing his new ‘girl crush’ girl group, ITZY, with Shin Ryujin in it! I’m not a fan of girl groups in general but I’ll be sure to check out their debut single just in case they can pleasantly surprise me. I don’t see anyone as charismatic as the 2ne1 members were though. They have to be at that level at least to make me stan.

This also means older groups will start to slowly fade away in the background.

YGTB Final Episode

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Again, the editing in the dance was so bad. 😞 The ending concept seemed cool but I couldn’t fully appreciate it.

As it is, I only liked the the rap performance. If Byounggon and Hyunsuk don’t get to debut this time around, it’ll be hard for me to support this new group wholeheartedly.

I saw a funny GIF in the YGTB thread. I think it really sums up what the general public feels about today’s episode. Oh and voting on VLive was such a futile exercise. It amounted to nothing. Ultimately, only YG’s opinion mattered.