X1-MA Produce X 101 Individual Cams

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I watched the first 2 episodes and I don’t like the editing of this show so much. It tries to make the dancing look stronger but it cuts the performances too shortly. Not all trainees were shown as well. Hence, it’s hard to really pick a favorite performance in the audition. Anyway, I checked out all 85 individual cams of the participants to the show’s theme song, X1-MA. After seeing them all perform, my picks have changed.

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Produce X 101 Early Picks

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This new idol survival series officially starts on May 3 but they already released the theme song. There is no register yet and I don’t feel anything watching them.

Mnet also released introduction videos of the contestnts. Some of them I’ve seen from other shows. Here are my early picks. Of course, I tend to root for dancers.

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