Sixteen by Samuel

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I first saw Samuel in Produce 101 Season 2 and I didn’t like him. Dance War made me appreciate him more. I checked out his MV for Sixteen, which was the song used in his Dance War reveal. I was surprised to know that Changmo featured in this. The song is a bit cheesy but the dance parts on the MV are not bad. Samuel is like a Korean version of Justin Bieber or Chris Brown. I know he is Korean-American so he naturally got the vibe.

I hope someday U can show off his charm like this too. I hope ONF can try a trendier image.

Some Memorable Stages from Korean Idol Survival Shows

Apart from my favorite Stray Kids and Mix Nine stages, here my picks for stages in other Korean idol survival shows.

Boys 24 – Unit Red | Starlight

Boys 24 – Unit Sky | Bop

Boys24 – Unit Yellow | Her by Block B

Boys24 – Unit Purple | Gone Not Around Any Longer by Sistar19

Boys24 | Rising Star

The Unit | My Turn

The Unit – UNI+B Unit Orange | Monster by EXO

The Unit – UNI+B Unit Orange | Butterfly

The Unit – UNI+B Black | Stay + Chained Up

U.N.B. – Raise Me Up