Present 🎁

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My copy of Woo Jin Young and Kim Hyunsoo’s special album entitled Present arrived today! I like the overall feel of their photobook especially the photos taken in the bookstore. 📚 I don’t know how to accurately describe them but I’m getting this slight grunge feel. It looks artistic without overtly being artsy.

What a nice present indeed!🎁

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YG Treasure Box Group A Teasers✊

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Choi Hyunsuk and Lee Byounggon are back! I’m ecstatic to see them again after the failed Mix Nine debut!😁 My bitterness towards YG is slowly dissipating. I’m sincerely hoping these talented boys will finally get the chance to debut.

Choi Hyunsuk, the little swaggernaut is back. He reminds me of a young GD.

Lee Byounggon will specialize in singing rap I suppose à la Changmo and Paloalto. Rap vocal in the house.

My Mix Nine boys fighting!✊


I received news from @MIXNINEProjects that the fan-made album we supported has been sent out to the boys today. I’m excited! I hope this encourages the boys somehow especially those who haven’t officially debuted yet or who aren’t promoting currently. Thank you to all my fellow fans who helped make this possible!