Seven O’ Clock x ONF Reunion

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This week Seven O’ Clock came back with a new single, “Get Away”, and a new member.

Song Hangyeom also reunited with ONF! My Mix Nine fan heart is happy. 😄 I think A.C.E is in Spain right now so no trinity reunion as of yet.

Treasure 13 X Melvin Timtim

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YG’s new boy group is called Treasure 13. Three of the members released a dance video with Melvin Timtim. While I like the fact that YG is trying to imbibe more authentic dancing into this group by inviting famous dancers to teach these boys, I’m not that impressed with this piece. Perhaps because YG tends to focus on the swag more than the actual dance that it looks a bit lazy.

Somebody and Under Nineteen Finale

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I watched the final episode of Somebody and Under Nineteen over the weekend. Both were a little underwhelming to be honest. Song Byeong Hee didn’t make it. I thought he was the most talented of them all. In Somebody, Eujin’s final solo was the only one that sort of appealed to me. I didn’t like his song choice though. Also, I don’t know if it’s just biased editing or the venue assigned to him was too small but Daehan was shown to be doing the same steps over and over. Meanwhile, Sunchun was given two large venues so I thought it was a bit unfair.

YG reveals a second unit

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I don’t know what YG is thinking. Is this new group going to promote heavily in Japan? I prefer this line up over Treasure. But still no Byounggon.
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Most of YGTB’s dancers are in this group.

Mix Nine First Anniversary Twitter Party

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There is a 9-day Twitter party to celebrate Mix Nine’s first anniversary. I’m a huge Mix Nine fan so I’m definitely joining. This will be my celebratory post.

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Choi Hyunsuk joins the YGTB line up

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Seriously?! I’m happy that he can finally debut but he deserves a better group. Why do I feel like it’s a desperate ploy to somehow hook in some of the Mix Nine and Silver Boys stans to support this new group? Mashiho can debut with J-line. But what happens to Byounggon now?! I don’t want Gon and Hyunsuk to be separated.😒 I’ll probably be a solo stan and support Hyunsuk only.