My Picks for Produce X 101 so far

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My picks for this show keep changing. There are only about two or three who are consistently there. I hope they make it to the debut team. In my heart though, Mix Nine is still the best survival program in terms of the talent and performances. Sadly, it seems like Baek Jin and Mahiro were eliminated so I can’t pick them anymore. There is an invisible line between my top 5 and 6. The upper tier are those I feel strongly about and the lower tier are those I picked out just to complete a Top 11. This list will probably change after the Concept Evaluation.

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Ji Jinseok (지진석)

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Remember everyone’s top pick in Under Nineteen‘s vocal team who had a hard time dancing and had to drop out of the competition at one point because of health reasons? He debuted as a solo artist.

Ji Jinseok has a really beautiful voice. I’m not fond of ballads but this works for me because of the slight jazz vibe.

X1-MA Produce X 101 Individual Cams

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I watched the first 2 episodes and I don’t like the editing of this show so much. It tries to make the dancing look stronger but it cuts the performances too shortly. Not all trainees were shown as well. Hence, it’s hard to really pick a favorite performance in the audition. Anyway, I checked out all 85 individual cams of the participants to the show’s theme song, X1-MA. After seeing them all perform, my picks have changed.

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Lee Seunghwan Focus Fancam in Idol Radio

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I watched several of his performance videos and this predebut video stood out to me because of how much he seemed to enjoy dancing to this song.

Here’s 1THE9 dance cover medley of Under Nineteen performances. They dance with such enthusiasm and great energy. Their dancing exudes youth and passion. It’s refreshing.