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There was this beautiful line from Romance is a Bonus Book episode 9: “Your love is beautiful and precious so I don’t want to mistreat it”. This was an excerpt from a letter the male lead wrote to dump a female colleague. I thought it was a considerate and respectful gesture that doesn’t discredit her feelings nor lead her on. It also did less damage to their working relationship and friendship than it could have. We should learn from this.

I don’t know how to react whenever I find out that someone likes me. More so if he confesses directly. I’m not good at accepting compliments in general. I just let the moment pass without reacting…literally. I tend to act as if I have never heard it. I feel sorry that I couldn’t react more appropriately. But thanks to this drama, I now know how to respond properly. In the same way, I hope I can be treated with the same respect if I end up liking someone.

Well, right now I only like Yuto and there’s 0 chance of him even remembering me. He meets hundreds and thousands of fans everyday and is surrounded by beautiful people in the industry. *sighs* The sooner I give up the better it is for me. Seriously. As long as I’m aware of this, I think I’m still sane.

‘Encounter’ and ‘幸色のワンルーム’

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I finished watching these two dramas this week. Let me introduce them through their OSTs. Each one has its own charm and captures the essence of the series.

Neiro by FLOW – 幸色のワンルーム Sachiiro no One Room OST
Sachiiro no One Room (幸色のワンルーム) is grime, almost indie-like. It’s twisted and real. At the same time, like many Japanese works, it talks about the tragic beauty of a fleeting moment. It makes your heart ache and forces you to reflect on your life. Then you wonder if the silver lining is actually a silver lining and not some delusion.

Take Me On (남자친구) by SALTNPAPER (솔튼페이퍼) – Encounter OST
Park Bo Gum’s character is #BoyfriendGoals. He raised the bar way up high. He waited for her to open her heart. This drama is sweet and soulful. It’s calm and warm. It makes you aware of your feelings. It is part of my Top 10 Korean Dramas of 2018. “I want to show you a side of you that only you are unaware of.”💗 “Thank you for being brave.” 💗

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Dropped The Third Charm and Bungaku Shojo because they became boring towards middle. I’m replacing them with The Beauty Inside and When Time StoppedWhere Stars Land is still on my list plus 3 J-dramas. I’ll write about them after watching more.

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After pondering a bit on these dramas, I realized that the reason why I enjoyed them is that I can relate with the characters in one way or another, or at least I see some trait of mine in them. The story gives me a glimpse of what could happen to someone who has those traits. In effect, gaining insight to what could possibly happen to me. It might sound self-centered but that is the truth I arrived at.

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축제 (Your Day) MV by ONF [온앤오프] Let’s Eat 3 OST

What an awesome track! Their voices are literally flying! It’s a ray of sunshine.☀ This will be on repeat for months. This is 축제 Festival (Your Day)  by ONF [온앤오프].

Rise ONF 온앤오프! Fighting! I’m soooo proud of them! They did so well.


I translated the lyrics based from @yuika 0125’s Japanese translation: since I don’t know Korean.

Hope this helps my fellow Fuses. Much love! ❤ ONF Fighting!

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