Holiday Binge Eating

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This is bad. I ate 3 cups of rice and 2 viands for lunch today. I haven’t adjusted back from the holiday binge eating. I did a light jog this morning for nothing.🤦 I have to slowly prepare for prayer and fasting week next week.

Another episode 😰

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I accidentally found out U’s old twitter account upon watching an old video of his. Out of curiosity, I tried doing a simple search with it. The account is already suspended but it still yields cached results. What I don’t like about the whole thing is that it links you to accounts of his friends in real life! I felt that it was intrusive and stalkerish to continue reading so I stopped. I’m a bit mad at myself for running the search in the first place. Dear Twitter, you should fix this privacy breach!!! In the same way, I wouldn’t want anyone finding my posts or my friends when I don’t want them to be found. And because I’m not proud of how I behaved earlier, it triggered another episode of me wanting to drop the whole fan craze. I need to lie low and detach myself. I shouldn’t get too deep into this.

Speaking of stalkerish, I personally think following the boys in airports or parking lots to take photos or videos of them in unofficial events is somewhat stalkerish. I have nothing against fans who do this. It’s the act that I frown upon.

My short-lived Daum account

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I managed to sign up for a Daum account after much difficulty. When I finally logged in, I didn’t understand a thing on the app so I just gave up before being able to do anything. Should I start learning Korean?