No to sweets 🤢

I ate too many sweets today that I’m having a mild sore throat.😣 I get sick whenever I eat sweet things so I usually avoid them. I was just too lazy to prepare something better to snack on so I ate two individually packed chocolates filled with some crumbly cookies and cream powder. They were not that big — probably the size of a small cookie. And now, I’m feeling sick.😣 I remember the last time I ate cream puffs I had a fever that lasted a week. I’m just not good with sweets — candies, cakes, chocolates, whatever. I don’t enjoy them.  Am I weird?

Goodbye YT! 😭

I’m sad. 😞 I got my first copyright strike on YT within a month of actually uploading something on YT. Although I got it on a VLive video and not an FMV, it made me feel so bad that I guess I should just stop uploading anything on YT altogether. 😢 If they don’t take down the existing FMVs, then they stay on the YT channel. I don’t even plan on monetizing them. I made them as an expression of love. 😭 I’ll find some place else to store my FMVs and just post it here.


One app fulfilled all my cosplay fantasies without cost or effort! Kudos to the artist and developer. 👏 A friend introduced this app to me yesterday. It allows the user to superimpose his/her face onto different photos. It is super cool. 👌 I finally got to see how I would look like as different video game characters. I can use this to create avatars. I’m usually apprehensive to share my photos online in fear of scammers and identity thieves. This should work for me. It’s me but it’s not.

Now with my brothers. 😄

杨洋 in A White Shirt

杨洋 (Yang Yang) should be banned from wearing white shirts. It’s dangerous. I almost had a heart attack.

He looks more mature than my usual biases but he is still a dancer (a dance major at that) and his character in Love O2O is my ideal type.