“Come waltz with me.”

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My greatest fantasy is for the guy I like to extend his hand to me and ask, “Will you dance with me?”❤️ I’ve always dreamed of the guy I like to lead me in a slow waltz. I’m not talking about the school prom or school ball type of dancing but a proper slow waltz. Maybe I should take formal ballroom classes.😊

Like most girls in the planet, I dream of wearing beautiful gowns and twirling around in them under the starry night sky or under magnificent chandeliers. This is partly why I love ballet. Apart from the beautiful lines and shapes it creates, it allows dancers to wear pretty costumes. I like the elegance and dignity it exudes. It feels magical and romantic.

Lord, please let him be a guy who can rock the waltz.


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Make up and hair extensions can do wonders!✨ I like how sentimental this looks. 🌹I look taller and more mature? Whatever. It looks like a painting.🎨 Hohoho!😘 I need an evil laugh emoji. I still have time to grow my hair this long until my brother’s wedding next year.

Will I finally be able to move on from U [유]?

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This is good. This is good. I’m starting to feel a bit distant towards Yuto lately. It’s probably because of several factors: 1) I’m actively looking for a potential new bias. 2) I was slightly disappointed that he released a vlog from ONF’s HK trip instead of a dance video. 3) I think he should get a hair cut soon. His hair is a bit long now. I’m also not digging the full blonde. I prefer his hair in two tones like it was a month ago. 4) I feel envious of all the fans who get to meet them during fan meets. I wish I could see them too. I feel left behind while everyone else is growing closer to them. I can also feel how comfortable they are around their Korean fans in contrast to how they were when I saw them in Hong Kong. It’s totally not their fault of course. It’s totally normal and totally understandable considering the proximity and the absence of a language barrier. I’m just starting to be more aware of the distance now.

White Day and U’s birthday are coming up so it’s too early to say. If he suddenly drops a dance video, I don’t think I will be able to.

Searching for a bias

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I already posted about The Rampage before. They are my favorite group among the Exile Tribe sub-units. I’m trying to see if there is someone from here who could be my potential bias. They are all excellent dancers and are very charming but they give off a protective, older brother vibe to me. They’re cool and I look up to them but that’s it. I crush on their dancing but not on the dancers. I guess none of them is my type.🤷

Avolites Pearl Tiger

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I’m helping out with Tech 101 tomorrow for Lights Direction as part of the Technical & Stage Ministry. They sent me a pdf with this photo. So apparently this thing is called Pearl Tiger. I’ve been using it for almost 4 years and I never paid attention to the name plate.😆

I enjoy serving in this ministry because I can apply my creativity and musicality in designing the stage lighting during church services. Also, the other volunteers in this ministry are introverted too so I feel comfortable around them.